Ikea Hackers

Like many in metro areas across the world, I too succumbed to the greatness that is Ikea when it finally made it’s way to the South back in 2005.  I mean, what’s not to love about a shopping destination with free childcare, free lunches for littles and mind boggling-ly low prices?!?!

Since that first somewhat overwhelming trip to the land of Swedes, I have shopped for everything from counters to cushions, eaten more Swedish meatballs than I care to count and logged a remarkable amount of hours in Smaland (childcare center.)  So imagine how ecstatic I was when my monogrammed and slip-covered chairs went public on Ikea Hackers, the laudable and encyclopedic, worldwide source of repurposed and redone Ikea products, last week!

Hop on over there and check out my chairs.  And look here for my original post or here for the entire basement redo.

Honey’s out golfing so I’m braving mass solo with the littles.  Wish me luck, y’all.

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Around About Atlanta

With the glorious fall weather embracing our fair Southern city, I can’t think of anything more fitting than dining alfresco around about Atlanta. For lunch, Cookie and I reveled in a fantastic, lake side picnic at historic Piedmont Park with the so-Southern and always entertaining Buncolator ladies, Lindsay and Catherine.  We spread out our blankets,… Read More

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