Oh Mickey, You’re So Fine {2011 Edition}

Happy Sunday y’all…as we prepare to embark on our trip to the most magical place on earth, this week at Dixie Delights kicks off all things Disney!!
[If this isn’t your cup of tea, bear with me as I divert my attention from delightful decor, good eats and perfect parties for a spell.  I do promise to get back to those things soon!!!]
Now, remember these fabrics I picked up all on sale at Hobby Lobby?
I designed outfits for each and every day of our trip and Mother was a perfect doll to go and sew them up.  I literally hugged her neck!!!  Tell me these aren’t the sweetest things you’ve ever seen!
First things first, the classic Micky on red gingham.  We even sewed two mini buttons on each shortall strap to make it look like Mickey buttons!!  The monograms in the Disney font are just the icing on an already too cute cake.
I knew the moment I spied this Mickey silhouette fabric that it would be perfect (and not too cartoon-ish)!
This is one of my very faves!!  The applique is based on the Brady Bunch font, in a variety of fabrics left over from the other ensembles, with black and white gingham shorts.
I figure all little boys need some pirate in their wardrobe.  Nothing beats pirate Mickey!  Whit’s shortall is in a darling white pique.  Swoon…
Both littles have this last outfit.  Black tees from Target, applique by Mother and smocked shorts from Smocked Auctions.
After about a year long search for plain red canvas shoes to paint myself, I finally caved and just bought them for the baby.  And I’m so glad I did!
I absolutely cannot wait to see the littles in these outfits!  Oh Mickey, you’ve never looked so fine.
Flattered for the feature at Mom Endeavors!

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