So Many Fabrics

Before learning that the Tonga Snow fabric I was stubbornly resolved on obtaining for my bedroom chair was sold out all over creation, I spent a delicious and lengthy amount of time wandering about the thousands of bolts of woven goodness in Forsyth Fabrics.  For as long as I can remember, this place (along with Lilly Pulitzer boutiques and nearby fabric purvoyer Lewis and Sheron) has topped my short list of happy places.  You have no idea how many hours and long lunches Sister (who has me all in a stupor with her fabulously newfangled blog updates) and I have logged in these four walls.

I loved the soft colors and texture on this lightweight hounds tooth.

Anything and everything geometric is catching my eye these days.

Remember the chevron crush?  Yep, it’s still going strong.

I have an undying love for toile.  And think this would be fab on bestie N’s new chairs.

I seriously need some ikat in my home.  Stat.

So fun for the littles.  If my memory serves me, I think baby Bird will have this in his new bedroom.  And Sister might see this popping up again in her birthday gift.  *wink wink*

Coastal and coral and chic, oh my!

And, while I’ve barely even entertained the thought of moving Cookie out of his crib (both to preserve the last months of having a “baby” around and to preserve the last bit of my remaining sanity), I have had a bolt of P. Kaufmann’s Pointer Toile in his closet for his “one-day” room since about a month after he made (all nine pounds of) his grand entrance into the world.  So deep in my subconcious I’m always looking out for coordinating fabrics, furniture and accessories to make it complete when we take the proverbial plunge.

Most of me loves the classic clean lines of a ticking stripe as an accent.

Part of me is toying with the idea of something more updated and contemporary.

And a daring sliver of me says to go bold with something orange or turquoise.  This *something* is so nebulous that I have no photo to share.  Feel free to share any and all thoughts and ideas on the matter.  (Sister, that’s YOU please ma’am.)

And if bolts of fabrics don’t strike your fancy, get a load of the tons of tassels.  And turn the corner for twice as much fringe.


So many fabrics and so little space left in my house.

A fine problem to have, I suppose.

PS. Honey and I date nighted at the movies last night, dining on Goobers, popcorn and ridiculously large Cokes while Hangover 2 kept us in full on hysterics.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard :-)  Add it to your must-see summer movie set if you haven’t already!

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