On My Bedside

Allright y’all, brace yourselves as I divulge my true literary prowess…

… let me introduce you to Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

I say “introduce” because unless you have a preteen daughter, often peruse the latest Scholastic book offerings or have a fabulous bestie E with unrivaled taste in juicy, teenage drama, I am quite certain you have not (and will not) come across this book.

That being said, I literally devoured the nearly four hundred paged book, gobbling up the love story of human girl and werewolf boy. Given my utter adoration of the Twilight series, the fact that I loved the reverse story (you know, where the lupine gets the girl rather than the bloodsucker) should be of no great surprise.

So, if you’re looking for a easy summertime book to lose yourself in for a night (yes, folks, wrapped this one up in a day) give it a read.  I’m hoping to score the sequel, Linger, at the library this afternoon :-)

Thanks again, bestie E, for the loan. You’ve never lent me a book that I didn’t enjoy.

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Oakland Cemetery

Along with besties C, E and N, last weekend I took a walking tour of Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta’s Grant Park.  Founded in 1850 and the first public burial ground in the city, the sprawling forty acre cemetery is a historic Atlanta landmark and the magnificent final resting place of more than seventy thousand souls.… Read More

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Alligator Affair

This morning, Sister and her Mister pulled off the most fetching little summer soiree for sweet Bird’s second birthday celebration!  As usual, no detail was left untended to.  Feast your eyes on this alligator themed affair! Boxes of balloons, filled with gumballs and wrapped in festive party papers flanked the table.  Sister impressively created all… Read More

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