Six Flags

Last night we dropped the baby at Sister’s house and jaunted off to Six Flags for some big boy fun!!

We braved Thunder River.  And it won.

We ogled the Batmobile.  (Do you just adore the skull hoodie the PCP chose at Old Navy?  Makes me all the happier that I took full advantage of the days of shortalls and button ons.)

And won a gigantic snake, now named Ian (where does he come up with this stuff?), at a carnival game.


We drank ice cold shots of Coca-Cola in a igloo where it was snowing inside.

And took the Mine Train like old pros.

We screamed on the Scream Machine, raced the bumper cars and more than our minds were bent on the Mind Bender.  And little John was fast alseep in the car before we even hit the highway.

We’ve been to mass and now the boys have changed into their Falcons’ jerseys and retreated to the basement.  It’s so quiet upstairs I could almost nap!

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Ten Years Later

Ten years have passed.  God willing, many more will.  And I will never forget… Today, and every day, I pray for that day’s heroes, those that made the ultimate sacrifice and for all Americans. Humbled and proud to live in the U.S.A… xoxo By dixiedelights | Filed under Uncategorized | Tags: holidays Share

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We All Scream

…for ICE CREAM!!! And, after one of our last swims of the summer, I dished it up super-special-like… The cutest little mini ice cream cones (left over from our lemonade stand) were dipped in melted chocolate, rolled in sprinkles, topped with homemade (hence the runniness) vanilla ice cream and decorated with a pink jelly bean… Read More

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Oyster Fetish

Gracing my home in the form of mirrors, candle holders, oil paintings and even wine corks, it’s no secret that I have a oyster fetish.  So, I’m just over the moon with one of my newest additions to my oyster addiction…the oyster frame! Living on the coast, Mother and Daddy-O frequently enjoy the gorgeously shelled… Read More

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