Dad’s Day

We had such a fun and exhausting day doing everything Honey’s way for Dad’s Day!

At the request of the honoree, we kicked off the festivities with McDonald’s sausage & cheese muffins (which the PCP immediately declared smelled and tasted like poop…and I could neither disagree, make him eat it nor punish him for the appropriate use of a potty word) and ended the day with Taco Bell.  Is your mouth watering yet?  I didn’t think so.  :-)

In between our gourmet meals, the highlight of the day was an afternoon at the Braves game with friends and family!!  The kids had a ball watching the game, slurping Braves Blasts and shoveling as much cotton candy, popcorn and hot dogs down their gullets as they possibly could.

(Is it just the PCP or are five year old boys in general just totally incapable of passing a tree without climbing it?)

Hot, sweaty and happy, after the ball game we hit the pool to cool off a bit and run out our last ounce of energy.  A great day for a remarkable dad!

We love you, Honey!

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This Father’s Day morning, while Honey peacefully slumbers upstairs and before we gear up for his big day, I am celebrating my own Daddy O. He’s an only child that impressed upon me how fortunate I was to have Sister in my life.  He would almost cry when we fought – hurting that we didn’t… Read More

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You may recall just about six months ago when the PCP had his very first slumber party with college bestie N’s son L.  Well, it was high time to repay the fun and we were just delighted to have the party at our place this go-round. We went swimming at the club, played superheros and… Read More

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Honeycomb Cakelets

After three hours worth of happy hour last Friday night I adventurously set out to bake, from scratch might I add, a honey almond pound cake for bestie S’s baby shower. So, after I’m-not-sure how many pool-side spirits, I peeled the cover off of my brand spanking new Williams-Sonoma Honeycomb Cake Pan, bought specifically for this… Read More

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So Many Fabrics

Before learning that the Tonga Snow fabric I was stubbornly resolved on obtaining for my bedroom chair was sold out all over creation, I spent a delicious and lengthy amount of time wandering about the thousands of bolts of woven goodness in Forsyth Fabrics.  For as long as I can remember, this place (along with… Read More

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