Nine Years

To celebrate nine years of coupledom, I took the rein for a change and surprised Honey with a celebratory, ceremonial and cultural Moroccan meal at the exotic Imperial Fez.  This Buckhead gem exudes the sights and spicy scents of Morocco in it’s dark and seductive dining room, making it appropriately easy to channel the epic romance of Casablanca (though Honey interrupted my romantic interlude to remark that it actually reminded him of an Adam Sandler flick.)

Shoes were left at the door as we imparted on our adventure.  We dined on the floor and, after the ceremonial hand washing, experienced the earthiness of eating with nothing but our hands.  All the while, belly dancers seduced us with beauty and flames on the traditional Wednesday evening Night of Fire.  I could try to recount the details of the veritable price fixe, five course meal but I was so smitten with my date and engaged in the experience that I certainly wouldn’t do it justice.  Suffice it to say that this place is not just a restaurant, it’s a destination!

On top of our extraordinary night out, Honey arrived home from work (early!) with the requisite roses and chocolates AND the go ahead to finally recover the antique French chair he sweetly purchased for our second anniversary back in 2004.  Nine years later, I’m more in love with this man than the day I became his wife in the hallowed halls of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on a rainy Savannah afternoon.


Pinch me because I feel like the luckiest gal in the world!

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Good Clean Fun

I can’t think of a better way to spend a sunny Southern day than berry pickin’, animal lovin’, picnicin’ and ice cream eatin’ down at the farm.  So we hit the road bright and early last Tuesday to while away the day doing just that at Southern Belle Farm, just about an hour South of… Read More

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Holy Birthday Batdad!

Today we celebrated Honey’s birthday!  And as we have gotten older, these celebrations seemed to have evolved from where we’ll drink to where we’ll eat.  That being said, we kicked off the day with Honey’s breakfast of choice – cinnamon rolls.  He generally requests the Mrs. Winner’s variety (barf-o-rama), but since there isn’t one anywhere… Read More

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That Girl

If you were in my neck of the woods on Wednesday, you might have observed the following: After her own car broke down, a mother behind the wheel of a stick shift sedan (generously on loan from Uncle C) for the first time in fifteen years, lurching around corners, rolling down hills and stalling at traffic lights. … Read More

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Pillow Talk

When I promised a tutorial on crafting your very own embellished pillows a la my finally finished banquette, I didn’t realize that I hardly had enough photo documentation to truly deliver on that promise.  However, I shall certainly try.  Here goes… Fabric Flower Pillows Using a bowl, I traced a four petal flower shape onto… Read More

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