Kindergarten Countdown (cont’d)

August is here and school is near!  We’ve made a grand effort at making the PCP’s last days of summer something to remember.  And I must admit, the whole family is supremely enjoying the activities in our Kindergarten Countdown!  Here’s the latest:

fly paper airplanes
pick up shells at the beach
catch lightening bugs

decorate cookies
I broke out the Easy Bake Oven that I pined over for thirty years and unleashed the PCP to whip up a batch of the teeny-tiniest sugar cookies you’ve ever seen.  After measuring, mixing and baking the bite sized sweets, he quite scrupulously iced and sprinkled them to his hearts delight.  And then he ate them.  All of them.  Without offering Mommy a single bite. I swear, he made them look like the most heavenly confection to ever cross his pink lips. 

explore the creek marsh
go fishing
lie in the grass and look at stars
play hop scotch

make and eat ice cream
We crossed this one off the list at our neighborhood’s Kindergarten Ice Cream Social!

bake pie in a jar
breakfast at Krispy Kreme

learn to tie your shoes
Working, working, working on this one.  It’s just not clicking.  Any ideas?


roast marshmallows
Can you say dessert on Sunday night?!?! 

go on a nature walk
open a lemonade stand
picnic at the playground

paint a masterpiece with Q-Tips
Mimi and John created adorable Tom and Jerry themed paintings!

ride bikes
learn the electric slide

tie-dye a t-shirt
Allright y’all, this endeavor was the bees knees.  I have such fond memories of tie-dying with Mother and Sister back in the day.  Speaking of back in the day, things have come a long way, my friends.  Since my little creators are two and five, we went the route of heat set dye that comes in spray bottles perfectly portioned for pint sized hands.  I assisted the littles with the rubber band ties and then unleashed them with the paint.  They had a ball and the shirts are just darling.  They were both SO proud to sport them on our outings the very next day.

read under a tree
tend to our vegetable garden
have fun in the water

X marks the spot pirate adventure

learn to yo-yo y has since been revised to see the man in the yellow hat movie
*sometimes you just have to roll with it*
When new neighbor A invited us to the Strand Theater to see the Curious George Man in the Yellow Hat movie, there was something in it for all of us.  For Cookie, it was the obvious – Curious George.  For the PCP it was an outing with his bestie C and the prospect of a large buttery popcorn and Sprite.  And for yours truly, it was two fold: 1) getting to see the historic Strand Theater and 2) have an hour and a half in a cool dark room with nothing to do and nobody to entertain.  Win. Win. Win.

use the zip-line

We’re really getting down to the wire on the whole five days a week, six plus hours a day, nine month long school thang.  How is it already just a week away?!?!


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