125 Years of Coke

Where would I be without you, sweet syrupy sugar water?  I drank Coke in my baby bottle and never spent the night out without a can tucked away in my bag (you know, just in case my stomach hurt.)  We purchase the glass bottles in bulk and every member of my family says “ahhh…” after their first sip (even the babies.)  Just before she walked down the aisle Sister had a huge sip of Coke (and spilled in on the front of her gown, might I add) and just moments after I had my first baby I popped open a can.  We make Coca-Cola cakes and Coca-Cola barbecue.  Coca-Cola is a part of the fabric of our family.  It always has been and always will be, no doubt.

So, as this iconic so-Southern brand celebrated it’s 125th birthday last weekend, we lucked out with tickets to a spectacular day-long birthday bash fitting of only the world’s most valuable brand.

We designed our own Coke bottles, got tattooed, air brushed and face painted.

We played mini-golf and splashed in the Centennial park fountains.

We had a picnic lunch of Varsity, another so-Southern delicacy, and snacked on the delish creations of the King of Pops (think Raspberry Lime, Grapefruit Hibiscus, Tangerine Basil and Chocolate Salt.)

And, finally, we enjoyed a spectacular concert hosted by Ryan Seacrest and featuring the likes of Natasha Bedingfield, Kelly Clarkson, Ne-Yo, One Night Only and K’Naan.

Throughout the month of May, the Coca-Cola headquarters building will be illuminated with some of the most amazing and memorable Coca-Cola moments of the past 125 years.  It’s worth a trip downtown, y’all.

Happy Birthday Coca-Cola.  Cheers to 125 more!

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Mother’s Day

So many thanks to Honey and the littles for a indulgent Mother’s Day.  As is our tradition, we started the day with Krispy Kreme and ended it over steaks on the Big Green Egg.  In between we brunched at the club, Honey did laundry and took the boys to JuJu’s house for a spell, we… Read More

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Just Like Her

I sit here, my sixth time being celebrated as a mother, and cannot help but reflect on my own mother and all that she’s done for me, taught me, showed me and sacrificed for me.  She’s kind, beautiful, driven, creative, smart, stylish, so-Southern and, most of all, loves her girls with all her being.  And… Read More

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Zac Brown Band

Decked out in pink cowboy boots and jeans that fit just right, we spent the evening standing in our seats, singing at the top of our lungs, sometimes screaming like teenagers, and just overall immensely enjoying the fantastic tunes and incredible live show of the Southern grown Zac Brown Band.  With the top down on… Read More

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Manual Mode

This past weekend, Sister and I, armed with our DSLR Nikons (that have never seen a mode outside of automatic) spent our entire Sunday afternoon at the Click Workshops Intro to Photography class. I met the brain behind the operation, Jody of Jody Lynn Photography, in a chat room back when I was pregnant with… Read More

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While our Cinco de Mayo celebrations have certainly tamed down since the college bestie C’s birthday combo Rio Grande days of yore (remember that, gals?), we still make a point to always enjoy a little Mexican fare every May fifth.  And we definitely wash it down with a ‘gita or three. After Tuesday’s escapades, today… Read More

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