Kindergarten Countdown

It’s hard to believe that John will be heading off to Kindergarten next month.  NEXT MONTH.  Yikes!

Around these parts, we count down to all of the things littles look forward to… Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, you get my drift.  So it’s only fitting that we’d count down to the day the PCP first steps foot on that big yellow bus.  *wipes tear from eyes* In the vein of schooling and learning, I developed an alphabet based Kindergarten Countdown of activities for the twenty-six days before the first day of classes.

And in the event that you can’t read mine above, here are our activities by letter of the alphabet:

fly paper airplanes
pick up shells at the beach
catch lightening bugs
decorate cookies
explore the creek
go fishing
lie in the grass and look at stars
play hop scotch
make and eat ice cream
bake pie in a jar
breakfast at Krispy Kreme
Learn to tie your shoes
roast marshmallows
go on a nature walk
open a lemonade stand
picnic at the playground
paint a masterpiece with Q-Tips
ride bikes
learn the electric slide
tie-dye a t-shirt
read under a tree
tend to our vegetable garden
have fun in the water
X marks the spot pirate adventure
learn to yo-yo
use the zip-line


I have a couple of weeks before we start but figured I’d share it with y’all now in case you want to play along.  There’s no reason not to send the littles back to school with twenty-six days worth of fun filled memories in the coffer!

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Days Like That

Earlier this week when we were faced with a good long, lazy summer day with nothing to do, we had a grand old time doing exactly as we pleased. Clad in diapers and jammies, we “worked” at collecting bark from the tree. We watched a bevvy of Scooby Doos while dressed like Bumblebee and Bat-Bob.… Read More

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Little Ensembles

Mother has evidently been working her fingers to the bone, sewing up precious little ensembles for her three grandsons.  Twice in the last week I received a present package bearing her return address and both times I squealed with delight!  I just want to go and hug her neck!! She thoughtfully decks out her creations… Read More

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Visiting Bird

My sweet nephew Bird spent a short stint at Children’s Healthcare at Scottish Rite last week having an exploratory surgery and being examined by an assorted lot of specialists.  He weighed in at only three and a half pounds at birth and, since he still hasn’t “caught up” at age two, he needed to have… Read More

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Days Like This

Honey and I scooted off on a date night to the Braves game last night.  Back when dates were plentiful and littles were not, a ball game would have been just about the last place I’d want to spend a night out.  But these days, before I’ve even heard his proposition on where we might… Read More

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