Beach Birthday

This year, our Rosemary Beach vacation commenced on Sister’s birthday!!  So just as soon as we had the cars unloaded and bags unpacked, we kicked off the celebration with a delectable little chocolate cake and gifts.

I gifted her what is no doubt the most darling little clutch I’ve ever seen.  Now, I can’t take an ounce of credit for discovering this fantastic little boutique as Sister just happened to mention it to me a few months ago.  Of course I feigned disinterest until I could scoot on line to Emerson Made and make one hers.  It was so, so, SO hard to not just slip another “Dandy and Dog” (I die at the adorableness of that name) in my online buggy.  And y’all, seeing as I nearly lose my head over marvelous packaging, this one for sure left me speechless.  “Dandy and Dog” arrived in Emerson Made’s signature gold box inside of a printed corrugate mailer.  I was smitten the second I saw it on my stoop.

Mother and Daddy-O not only gifted sister fun money, but also gave her a gorg oyster embellished lantern.  Mother and I spent hours working on three of these on my last jaunt down to Savannah. It goes without saying that Sister loooooved it.  And I’ll have the how-to coming up real soon.

After the gift exchange, Mother and Daddy-O watched the littles so that we could celebrate over cocktails, tapas and fondue at La Crema.

Birthdays are always fabulous but beach birthdays are just plain grand!  Happy Birthday, Sister!

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Road Tripping

I travel with the littles a lot… as in once a month I load them up, along with an assorted and extensive trunk load of toys, bikes, balls and other can’t-possibly-live-without paraphernalia, to make the four hour drive down to Savannah for a week.  All is good and well once we arrive (and that trunk… Read More

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On My Bedside

There’s nothing I love more in the summer than basking in the sun lost in the pages of a great book.  And in the course of one unproductive, sleepless week I gobbled up what I’ve dubbed “a trilogy of Southern reads.” Good Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen was just a sweet read about… Read More

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