A Girl Can Dream, Right?!

Do you ever mentally decorate a place that you don’t own and likely never will?  Maybe I’m just “mental”, but I find myself doing it way too often.  It’s like a favorite past-time for me.  So, go with me here…as I’m savoring the pages of Garnet Hill last night, I decide that if I had a beach house, I’d forego the soothing muted coastal inspired palette for fun and cheerful decor layered over a neutral background of white washed walls, ceilings and floors scattered with seagrass rugs.  Think navy and white throughout with accents of orange, pink and lime in various rooms.  Lord knows I need more pink in my life.  It would be chocked full of things just like this

For the living space:
For the requisite beach house bunk room:
For moi (and Honey of course):
It’s picture perfect in my mind’s eye.  A girl can dream, right?  :-)
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Buh-Bye Blue

I have been anxiously awaiting the day I would say buh-bye to the last of the basement’s heinous blue carpeting complete with forty years of wear, tear and stains.  Ewww, the stains.  So, in a budget conscious and little friendly manner, we (ie. Honey) stripped out the nastiness and painted the stairs and hand rail. … Read More

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Days Like That

Earlier this week when we were faced with a good long, lazy summer day with nothing to do, we had a grand old time doing exactly as we pleased. Clad in diapers and jammies, we “worked” at collecting bark from the tree. We watched a bevvy of Scooby Doos while dressed like Bumblebee and Bat-Bob.… Read More

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Little Ensembles

Mother has evidently been working her fingers to the bone, sewing up precious little ensembles for her three grandsons.  Twice in the last week I received a present package bearing her return address and both times I squealed with delight!  I just want to go and hug her neck!! She thoughtfully decks out her creations… Read More

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