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Welcome to the most magical spot on the blog! Here I collect resort and restaurant reviews, touring plans, new news, tips & tricks and SO much more for each of the Disney Destinations.

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7 thoughts on “Dixie Travels {Disney Destinations}

  1. I am so glad I stumbled on your blog, and your Disney page in particularly! You have some of the most adorable content and ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that you said it was easier WITHOUT a stroller. Almost everything I've read says bring a stroller even if your child is older (up to age 7)and doesn't use one at home. Our son will be four (he'll turn five the day before we come home!)and both the husband and I don't want to waste time with the stroller especially since he's too big for it!

  3. We have been to Disney many times since it opened. It was fun to read your comments and your picture creations.
    For fun, I recommend a walk around Fort Wilderness campground around Halloween and/or Christmas. The campers decorate to the hilt!

  4. I'm getting SO much Disney inspiration from you! THANK YOU! Question- have you ever had trouble getting the customized maps link to work? I have contacted their customer service and done everything they said (deleted cookies, cleared caches, restarted internet browser) and still can't get it to work. (I can click on the actual link, but when you have to click "get started" that's when it doesn't work.)

  5. This is so wonderful! We are planning our first trip to the World in September and I have used so many of these resources! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this all here for our benefit! You are amazing! :)

  6. I believe you mentioned before that you may do a post regarding The DVC. I don’t believe I’ve missed it but I may have. I know you have a super busy life so just putting out a request that I would love to hear your thoughts on a DVC membership. We are considering it and I’ve heard so many different thoughts. Direct purchase verse resale. And since you’re my main trusted source on all things Disney, I thought I asked. Thank.

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