50 Years

Today my parents celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. Fifty years. Five decades. They are a rare, inspiring example of marriage through thick and thin, ups and downs. They raised Sister and I with a strong, unwavering sense of right and wrong, unconditional love, and by always sacrificing their dreams for ours. They worked for everything they have – both tangible and immaterial – and that has never been lost on us.

For two barely teens that met in ninth grade and were married at twenty-one, I am in awe of the incredible life and legacy they have created. I have been so fortunate to have them to emulate and learn from – in my personal life, professional life, marriage and raising my own family.

My mother wrote this today…

So blessed to have this funny, crazy guy by my side through the hills and valleys of 50 years. He has unerringly supported all of my dreams, wishes and ideas. I first noticed him in 9th grade, all because I was at my first cousin’s house (Joyce Walker Smith) and he walked down the street from the pool. We were sitting on the front porch. And I whistled at him!!! Little did I know that crazy, simple act would lead to a lifetime of making a family. Thanks to him I now have the prize jewels…..2 daughters that I admire so much and wonder how I ever got so lucky. All due to a spur of the moment whistle!

One thing that stood out to me was that she recognizes that my dad unerringly supported all of my her dreams. I can attest to that as I saw it in real life most days of my young life. And, in turn, they both unerringly supported all of mine. It is a magnificent way to navigate fifty years.

Happy Anniversary, Mother and Daddy-O!!! I know you celebrated with a once in a lifetime trip to Alaska, but I’m glad you’re continuing the party today at home!

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