A New Baby Gown

Twelve years after I first shared how I framed the boys’ baby gowns, I am back to share a new addition! No, I haven’t had a baby, but I am now the proud owner of Daddy-O’s baby gown <3 Mother recently found it in some of Grandma O’s things and lovingly spent hours cleaning and washing it to restore it to its original 1948 perfection.

Before I had both of my boys, Mother took charge of outfitting them in the sweetest gowns for their homecoming.  She thoughtfully selected a Feltman Brothers hand sewn, exquisitely embroidered day gowns for each little to wear home from the hospital.  Given the exquisite nature of the day gowns and their tremendous sentimental value, they are among the few items I held on to long after they were outgrown. Rather than have them tucked inconspicuously away in their memory boxes, I framed them so I could enjoy them each and every day. Having Daddy-O’s gown to add to the collection means everything to me.

Whitfield Francis – December 12, 2008

Francis Causey – August 21, 1948

John W – November 26, 2005

I couldn’t find the exact frame I used for my boys (Hobby Lobby), but they did have one similar enough! Honey moved Whit and John’s gowns to make room for Daddy-O’s in the middle.

I love them so much!

You can view the entire bedroom and find sources here:

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