Being Catholic {John’s Confirmation Celebration}

After John’s confirmation mass, we filled our home with guests that love John, and we broke bread over a menu of John’s favorites. I had hoped to have the party outside in the courtyard under the twinkle lights, but it rained all day. My parents and my bestie worked tirelessly to help pick up tables… Read More

The Frozen Sisters Party Prep

It’s National Dog Day and, coincidentally, Whit and I stumbled across the cutest items for little Anna’s first birthday this November. I figure I should share it now while you can find the in your store too. These were at Target in the party aisle. The babies did a thorough inspection. Honey could only snicker… Read More

Happy Summer! Shaved Ice for the Win…

Y’all, I have truly upped my summer game with the teen set and it’s shaved ice for the win! Ah, who am I kidding? It’s not just the teens that are raving about it. I’ve been churning out shaved ice every day for the past nine days for anyone and everyone that comes over. I… Read More