Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Senior Prom Picture Party}

All of the senior celebrations are here and it feels both incredibly joyful, extremely busy and absolutely bittersweet. On a blustery early spring day last month, John and his group of incredible friends were off to their senior prom. With tireless help from the “prom planning moms”, the kids started their young life leader’s home… Read More

Celebrating the Newest Member of the WHS Varsity Golf Team with Birthday Butler

If you’ve been around here a while, you’ll know we celebrate everything. We celebrate the big holidays and the small holidays and the often overlooked holidays, too. We celebrate birthdays and big wins and anniversaries and little accomplishments all the same. I guess we just love a celebration, which makes me so excited to share… Read More

Celebrating Christmas 2023 {Moms Merry Little Night Out & Favorite Things}

Y’all blew me away asking for a list of gifts from our ladies favorite things party! Here are all of the things I can remember. There are some goodies. With black Friday sales the week before our event, some of us were able to get even nicer things and stay in the $20-25 budget. Liquid… Read More