Haunted Halloween Home Tour 2018 {Exterior}

Welcome, foolish mortals to our haunted Halloween tour…   I am your host, your ghost host. The creeps start before you’ve even entered the house, with pumpkins and spiders and ghosts out front!  (Please excuse the messy shrubs – we’ve been in the process of trimming everything back and haven’t quite finished OR started to pick up the clippings.) … Read More

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Monogram Towels for the New Bathrooms

I am so excited to share the monograms I’m using on towels for the new bathrooms.  They should arrive any day, but I was too excited to wait to share.  I’m using Gabi at The Preppy Stitch for these.  She’s a small business owner and single mom located in Marblehead, MA (and Nantucket in the summer!)… Read More