I Love {Old English Scratch Cover}

I am almost embarrassed to admit how much the puppies have scratched up a few of my doors. First, the door to the garage – this is our most used entry/exit and they just can’t stand the few moments it takes between when the garage door goes up to when we enter the house. I was finally fed up with how poor it looks and ordered a very cheap bottle of scratch cover thinking it couldn’t make it worse. I was absolutely impressed with how well it worked!

>> Old English Scratch Cover <<

I put on plastic gloves and used an old rag. In under 5 minutes I had completely made over the door.

Watch it in action:

I promptly hit the other most scratched door in the house between the kitchen and porch, and then went on a scratch hunt all over the house. It was well worth the $6.

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2 thoughts on “I Love {Old English Scratch Cover}

  1. I have always used Old English furniture polish because y grandmother used it. I am very satisfied with the product.

  2. I use this all the time, as well as Old English Furniture Polish. We have a little lake place with old mahogany trim. That trim gets very dried out, and the furniture polish freshens it right up. Such a satisfying task to perform!

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