Kitchen Update 2.0 {Paint & Drywall}

I was so excited to hear the painters had an opening in their schedule and were able to squeeze us in. This wall looks so much better with the drywall patched and paint. I do plan to wallpaper this part of the kitchen, but the paint has to cure for at least 30 days. And so… we wait.

Here’s what it looks like now! And here’s what’s left:

  • Wallpaper
  • Buffet type table to fill this space a little more
  • Art
  • Door for fridge

In the dining room, all of the trim got a fresh coat of paint, and I went a shade lighter on the blue on the ceiling.

I don’t love the ceiling medallion but it is what it is. This was one thing we couldn’t fix in this update. I chose a smaller one that we had previously and painted it to match the ceiling. I was hoping it was disappear, but it did not. :-)

Here’s what’s left in the dining room:

  • Monogram chair backs
  • Wallpaper inside cabinets
  • Wallpaper walls
  • Hang mirror (previously in kitchen) and candle sconces (previously in living room)
  • Make / hang curtains
  • Figure out something to hang over existing buffet table (currently a mirror… don’t need two in here)

I don’t expect to have another update for three weeks or so.

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen Update 2.0 {Paint & Drywall}

  1. Were you able to sell your formal chairs and chandelier? I love what you’ve done so far and consider doing the same myself. My chairs weigh a ton, and adding leaves to the table is getting harder for my husband (and has always been impossible for me! They are SO heavy!). Thanks for giving me the courage to consider making some changes. Now to convince the hubs!

  2. Amanda – I have been following you ever since you were first on HGTV’s What’s it’s Worth. I love your style & how things have evolved in your home & life. Keep up the good work!

  3. I am loving these projects!! You have one of my favorite houses, and everything you do is just so beautiful and classic. I assume these won’t go back on your walls, but I always loved the pics of your boys when they were little.

    1. Yes!! They are already hanging in the living room! The only thing I can’t find a good place for is my wedding portrait :-)

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