Celebrating the Class of 2024 {My Super Senior}

Every time I’m asked if I am sad about John’s impending graduation, I truthfully reply that I cannot be sad when he is so happy. As a mother, I find no joy greater than sharing in the happiness of my children. At the start of senior year John went through the surprisingly rigorous application process… Read More

Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: AirTags}

I don’t know about your teen, but mine has a propensity for losing things. His wallet, keys, drivers license and credit card being the top things we have to hunt down on a weekly basis. This month’s college prep gift was a set of Apple AirTags, an AirTag wallet and AirTag key chains. The best… Read More

Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: First Aid & Medicine Cabinet}

I’m back with this month’s college prep gift for John – First Aid & Medicine Cabinet! If you want to brush up on this little project, read this post. You’ll also find a ton of great ideas from other readers in the comments. To put this together, I basically went through what we have and… Read More

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Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Walt Disney World “Grand” Grad Pics}

Back before our cruise in May we did family AND grad photos at our grad’s favorite place in the middle of all the magic, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. She beautifully captured John, just as she has done year after year after year. My favorite from the session <3 John’s favorite: I always pick a favorite… Read More