Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Scenes from Spring Break in Jamaica}

The spring break of all spring breaks has come and gone and it was a HUGE HIT for all! Along with a group of other tireless, fearless moms (and 2 brave dads) we took a group of 12 girls and 12 boys down to Jamaica for their senior spring break.

Day 1

After a quick and uneventful flight from Atlanta, we arrived at Zilara Rose Hall. The kids immediately hit the pool while the mom’s searched out lunch.

We reconvened with the boys at the beach before dinner for a few requisite pics.

Each evening the kids made their own dinner plans together, while the adults dined together. After dinner, we typically caught up with them at least for a bit.

Day 2

The kids all stayed together in groups of 3-4 per room, with the boys on the Zilara side (adult only, all are 18) and the girls on the Ziva side (families, not all are 18). The moms teamed up in rooms of 2 covering both sides of the resort. My roomie and I had a swim up room which was HEAVEN. Every day started with delivery of a pot of coffee and plate of fruit while we relaxed right here.

We took our entire morning to spend at the spa, which was absolute perfection. We both raved about our treatments the rest of the week. (scrub, massage, facial)

We caught up with the other moms and kids in the late afternoon at the pool.

And then we circled back with them again before our separate dinners for pictures.

Day 3

Much like the day before, we spent a leisurely morning at our swim up pool.

The afternoon was for bouncing between the pools and beaches, crossing paths with the kids often.

Moms did a little happy hour at Union Jack’s. There were a wide variety of bars and restaurants across the resort, all included.

And, once again, we met up before dinner for pics.

Finally, we bumped into these three besties late night.

Day 4

Our last day was the day of the boys! We took them out on a catamaran excursion for the morning. It was a great day full of sunshine, salt air, snorkeling, dancing and more.

We spent the afternoon at the resort between the pools and beaches before having dinner with the boys.

Day 5

One last pot of coffee and fruit before the short flight home. We left Jamacia with sun kissed cheeks and too many memories to count. I have treasured having a front row seat to these kids’ friendships, some which started in Kindergarten. They are the best group of teens I’ve ever known and being able to go on this trip with them was such a JOY!

I’ll share more details on the resort experience in this post tomorrow!


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One thought on “Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Scenes from Spring Break in Jamaica}

  1. What a great spring break trip for some very lucky seniors and special parents! Can I just say that John might have changed and grown since your last visit to Jamaica, you Amanda haven’t aged a bit! Best of luck to all these seniors as they spend the last few weeks of their senior high school days together and begin a new chapter of their lives.

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