Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Senior Prom Picture Party}

All of the senior celebrations are here and it feels both incredibly joyful, extremely busy and absolutely bittersweet. On a blustery early spring day last month, John and his group of incredible friends were off to their senior prom. With tireless help from the “prom planning moms”, the kids started their young life leader’s home for pictures. They then moved to our home for dinner. I’ll share all of the details in the next couple of days, but had to start with these incredible pictures taken by Sister. She’s become the photographer for their little group, capturing their most precious memories for them to enjoy for decades to come. It means the world to us <3.

She started at our house for a few family photos.

John left to pick up Emily (a friend… still no girlfriends here folks) and we met them at the picture party.

I always want to treat his dates to beautiful flowers, and pick up the matching boutonnière. I know the girl moms have a lot of expenses associated with these dances so it is the least I can do! I had my monogrammer add the vintage EC monogram to her ribbon in gold. I think they turned out absolutely GORGEOUS and she loved them.

These three have been as thick as thieves since seventh grade. They’ve made all the memories over the years and have stood by each other with unwavering loyalty. We’ve vacationed with their families, spent time in each others homes and have navigated life, a worldwide pandemic, middle school, high school, making the team, not making the team, getting the grade, not getting the grade, girls, college applications and everything between with these boys and their families. Next month we celebrate their graduation in a joint blow out event!

Y’all have been seeing their dance and party pics for years now – their group is still large and I remain impressed by every single one of these young adults. Some started kindergarten together, most became the truest of friends in seventh grade.

The handsome boys.

And gorgeous girls

All of the above pics were the IG John. Here’s the real life version. :-) A bit of an eye roll, a smidge of a smirk and that one dimple on his left cheek.

Dressing Boys for Prom:

It was a special night. More to come!

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Class of 2024 {Senior Prom Picture Party}

  1. I just love your thoughtfulness of the monogram in his dates ribbon in her flowers and the initials in his bow tie. My son had his prom this past weekend ( Jefferson) and his girlfriends this week. Bittersweet that we are approaching the finish line. ❤️

  2. What a sweet idea to add her monogram to her ribbon. That’s a fun keepsake that she can add to another item post prom and always have that special memory to look back on.

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