Prom 2023 {Dressing Boys for Prom}

If you remember back to John’s first big high school event, Homecoming 2022, I wanted to do something special to help commemorate the evening. I ended up giving him his first bottle of cologne and every time I see it in his bathroom I remember that night. As we were preparing for prom, a little bit of me lamented that I don’t have a daughter to do the dress shopping, hair and makeup with. (Everything now hinges on CeeCee!) All that aside, I was determined to make some special memories with my precious son.

It’s very hard to tell in photographs, but I had his custom JW monogram stitched on to his bowtie. I wanted it to be subtle because he would hate it otherwise. It was a sweet and perfect finishing touch!

I also had these JW cufflinks made on etsy. I originally thought I’d have him wear his dad’s cufflinks that I gave him 25 years ago, but then decided he would probably like something a little more youthful and modern looking to call his own.

As far as the rest of the ensemble, I debated re-tailoring Honey’s unused tux to fit John, renting from a local shop, and buying. We serendipitously had his 17 year old check-up last month and they believe he has finished growing based on his last three measures. With that nugget of information, I ended up buying, hoping he can use this next year and through college. (The waist grows up to 2″ and there is room to let about 1″ out of the hem.) I get asked a lot about their dress up clothes so here are the two links from JC Penney. I got them on sale and then was able to add another coupon. These are the JF J.Ferrar Slim Fit Tuxedo separates, in case the links break down the road. The shirt and bowtie are Amazon. He wore Whit’s orchestra concert shoes.

Pants | Jacket | Shirt | Bowtie | Shoes

I was a teensy bit worried he wouldn’t make it home with half of these items at the end of the night but he did. :-)

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One thought on “Prom 2023 {Dressing Boys for Prom}

  1. Loving the John recent stuff. Been a daily reader since your two were tots.

    My guys class of ‘25 & ‘27.

    Been loving getting ideas from you!

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