HOCO 2021

It’s cliche, but time does fly. Many of you started reading this blog eleven years ago when John was just four years old! This past weekend, he attended his first high school Homecoming weekend as a sophomore. Be still my heart….

Honey was at basketball with Whit, so I was thrilled to bring Sister with me to the pre-party. She came by our house first and took a few photos on the way out the door. She captured SO many amazing smiles and memories on this special night.

John was pretty particular about the corsage for his date. (She’s been a dear friend since 7th grade.) He gave marching orders and I took the lead on ordering. I think it turned out beautifully!

John had mentioned wanting to try cologne a few times in recent months. I added it to my list of Christmas ideas but felt inspired the morning of the dance to go ahead and get it. I wrote him a note and wrapped it up for him to open just before leaving. He was thrilled. And it was another special moment to tuck away in the memories from tonight. <3

My precious boy.

John met up with his date at the photo party. All the kids looked amazing and the entire vibe was electric. They were such good sports about taking tons of photos for the parents (and aunchie).

A beautiful friendship….

The “Dynamic Crew”. These four (plus one not pictured) became close friends in seventh grade and have been inseparable since. I am so incredibly thankful for every teenager in this photo. They are smart, funny, kind, courteous, athletic, God loving, and just plain good kids.

Besties all around.

The guy group and the girl group. It took the boys about 5 minutes to get into this lineup. Seriously. It’s like they couldn’t figure it out. The girls naturally fell into perfectly poised photo positions in mere seconds. :-)

This is the girl group to the Dynamic Crew.

The lacrosse boys.

The teens stuck with the parents for about an hour before heading off to dinner. Since only a couple are driving, the moms divided up carpool duties. Sister and I drove John, one of his besties and their dates to dinner and then headed out for our own sister dinner afterwards. From the dinner, another mom took them to the dance. A third mom drove from the dance to the after party. AND mom number four drove home after the after party. Lots of logistics!

The homecoming festivities were a week long affair of dress up and school spirit. They were dismissed early Friday for a pep rally and the parade. They have always done a fabulous homecoming parade and John was proud to roll with the Sophomore basketball players! The elementary and middle school kids all sign out early to attend and the streets are lined with spectators. I still remember pre-school John watching from the sidewalks. I couldn’t even imagine him at this age back then.

We all attended the game that night. Honey graduated from the same school and we’ve been taking the boys since Whit was an infant. Again, a surreal experience to have a student here in what seems like the blink of an eye.

John learned a bit of a lesson to always check your calendar before signing up for something. The lacroose team works the football concession stand all season to raise money. He didn’t realize one of the games he signed up for was homecoming. He spent the night in the visitor side snack shack. :-)

Each class puts together a float for the parade. I loved seeing them lined up when we left the stadium. They had a super hero theme and the sophomore class was Batman.

It was a wonderful weekend for these kids!

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7 thoughts on “HOCO 2021

  1. This looks such a fun time! So glad John was able to experience homecoming. Everyone looked very nice. Our school division canceled homecoming. We only had spirit week, the football game and parade. No pep rally and no homecoming dance. Glad he had fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. 😭😭😭 Aww, Amanda. This is so touching and hard to believe this time has come. Sister, you perfectly captured John’s special night with his friends. Wow. Just wow! Everyone looked wonderful and John, your suit and tie were perfect! 🕺🏻👗 So was the corsage. 💐 What a lovely milestone that you’ll always remember. Just slow down a little…we’re not quite ready for Georgia Tech dances yet! Jane ~ San Diego

  3. aawww Amanda!! be still my heart! long time reader here. “PCP” has turned into such a handsome young man! cant believe he is in highschool!! whoa! how sweet with the cologne as a gift! aww! gosh this makes me think of my own homecoming.. time flies!! beautiful pictures! <3 I love that he was wanting to make the corsage special! my sophomore homecoming my date forgot mine and went "oops I forgot to tell my mom" -__- haha! you got such a thoughtful kid!

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