Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: Dorm Bedding}

Now that we have a school and a dorm, this series is getting real! John is thrilled to be living in apartment style accommodations for his Freshman year with one very close friend, another friend he’s known since pre-school and a fourth from Connecticut that is the younger brother of a friend of a friend.

Class of 2024 – Gifts on the 24th
August: Packing & Moving
September: Laundry
October: First Aid & Medicine Cabinet
November: AirTags
December: Dorm Things Part 1
January: Backpacks and Bags
February: Tools
March: He’s Committed
April: Dorm Bedding

Knowing that John will have his own bedroom and having all of the critical dimensions on hand, we dove right in picking his bedding. Now, he does not want a “decorated dorm” so don’t keep reading expecting some sort of amazing reveal. :-) This space is going to be chosen by him from top to bottom. I’m simply funding it.

We joined a facebook page for his dorm and read all sorts of tips and tricks from those that came before us. We scoured reviews and made lists upon lists. Here’s where we landed on bedding from the bottom up. I’m envisioning a princess and the pea situation on arrival:

I’m not sure what we’ll hone in on for May. Maybe the rest of the items for his room – blackout curtains, desk hutch, desk chair, rug, etc. Stay tuned!

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