Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: Backpacks and Bags}

Happy New Year! I’m back with my sixth installment of 12 gifts on the 24th for my college bound kiddo. If you want to brush up on this little project, read this post. You’ll also find a ton of great ideas from other readers in the comments.

Class of 2024 – Gifts on the 24th
August: Packing & Moving
September: Laundry
October: First Aid & Medicine Cabinet
November: AirTags
December: Dorm Things Part 1
January: Backpacks and Bags
February: Tools
March: He’s Committed
April: Dorm Bedding
May: Graduation Day Keepsake

We still don’t know for sure where he is headed, although we have a front runner that I’d say we are about 95% committed to. Therefore, I am still stocking him up with things he could use at any school and in any sort of living accommodations. He actually picked out each of these items so it was quite easy for me this month!


He’s used and abused the same backpack for the duration of high school so I thought it was completely fair to ask for a new one to take off to college. He researched on his own and settled on this Backpack. After reading through the description and reviews, I think it was a great choice!

  • Lots of storage and pockets
  • Slides over roller bag handle
  • USB port
  • Water resistant
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Hidden pocket

Toiletry Bag

This Personalized Toiletry Bag was another goodie picked by John himself. His note to me said to PLEASE GET A NORMAL MONOGRAM. It turned out rather large, but he didn’t bat an eye. :-)

Cooler Backpack

Like the other two, this Cooler Backpack was picked out by the kiddo. Certainly he plans to transport bottled water in it to stay hydrated at all times. Certainly.

As soon as the calendar rolled over to 2024 I was nearly ill thinking about how many changes we have ahead. It’s exciting and he is SO HAPPY that I can’t help but be happy, too.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: Backpacks and Bags}

  1. I absolutely love this idea and can’t wait to do it next year for my son. We are exactly a year behind you and my stomach is already starting to turn and am weepy thinking about all of this. I just booked a trip this morning for us to visit Wake Forest and UNC. Coming from Kansas City he could be what would feel like a world away.

    1. Living in North Carolina, I can vouch that both Wake Forest and UNC are excellent schools and in beautiful parts of the state! I have many friends and employees who are graduates of both and their children are now attending. Enjoy your visit to our state!

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