Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: Tools}

As much as I am trying to hold on to every moment, here we are at month seven of my 12 gifts on the 24th for my class of 2024 kid. If you want to brush up on this little project, read this post. You’ll also find a ton of great ideas from other readers in the comments.

Class of 2024 – Gifts on the 24th
August: Packing & Moving
September: Laundry
October: First Aid & Medicine Cabinet
November: AirTags
December: Dorm Things Part 1
January: Backpacks and Bags
February: Tools
March: He’s Committed
April: Dorm Bedding
May: Graduation Day Keepsake

It’s been yet another month and we still don’t have a college commitment from John. Since so many have asked, his top 3 he’s still weighing are Florida State, Clemson and Auburn. Honey and I are secretly pulling for one, and I truly believe it is still his number one, but we keep our mouths shut as best we can. As for this little project, I am still stocking him up with things he could use at any school and in any sort of living accommodations. The month’s theme is tools!

To put this together, Honey and I put our heads together on a very basic starter set of things he could need in a pinch while away. I am sure whatever you would put in yours would vary, but here is a list. Everything is stored in another one in this set of clear, stackable storage bins. I also use them at home and love them.

I’m excitedly awaiting the month I get to give him a college tee and hat and all the things but for now I’m just holding on tight for this crazy ride! As my friend KE keeps telling me, the college decision isn’t a linear process, but one full of zigs and zags.

If you’d like to share any additions I should make to the dorm tool kit, I’m all ears.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: Tools}

  1. I don’t think he could go wrong with any of those awesome colleges! My son has narrowed his down to 3 or 4 as well. Now we have plans to go to all the Admitted Student Days to help decide! So exciting, isn’t it?

  2. What great options he has to consider! I went to FSU and going back to campus and Tallahassee holds a special place in my heart, even all these years later. Congrats to him for getting into all three – it’s sure not easy! Love these posts, making notes for myself for my 2025 kiddo.

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