Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: AirTags}

I don’t know about your teen, but mine has a propensity for losing things. His wallet, keys, drivers license and credit card being the top things we have to hunt down on a weekly basis. This month’s college prep gift was a set of Apple AirTags, an AirTag wallet and AirTag key chains.

The best part is that there was no need to store this away for August. We set them up on his phone right away and pressed them into service. He is using two for his wallet and key chain, the third in his backpack and the fourth we figured he’d find a use for in a gym bag, duffel bag or some other place we have yet to think of.

Class of 2024 – Gifts on the 24th
August: Packing & Moving
September: Laundry
October: First Aid & Medicine Cabinet
November: AirTags
December: Dorm Things Part 1
January: Backpacks and Bags
February: Tools
March: He’s Committed
April: Dorm Bedding
May: Graduation Day Keepsake

If you want to brush up on this little project, read this post. You’ll also find a ton of great ideas from other readers in the comments.

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One thought on “Celebrating The Class Of 2024 {12 Gifts On The 24th: AirTags}

  1. I so wish these had been invented when my kids were in college. My younger mom friend also put one in her child’s car….due to the high number of car thefts in their area. So smart to get these set up now!

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