Celebrating Christmas 2022 {The “Do” Gift: BuHi Family Outing}

The most anticipated gift for my boys every Christmas is the “do” present. Over the years, this has been everything from a vacation to show tickets to a sporting event. This year, they received a family outing to explore Buford Highway. I’m confident all Atlantans know of Buford Highway, and it has been a destination… Read More

Celebrating Christmas 2022 {Ornament Trip Souvenirs}

I always love unwrapping our new Christmas ornaments collected from our travels to hang on the tree. This year we added ornaments from New Jersey (Cape May and Princeton), the Disney Wish, Kentucky (Lexington and Louisville), Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Utah, Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, and North Carolina. After this photo I uncovered a few… Read More

Celebrating Christmas 2022 {The Select & Sounds of the Season for Hop on a Cure}

In lieu of exchanging gifts this year, my bestie and I treated ourselves to the “ultimate” Christmas girls night out. The Select We started our evening at The Select with dinner and drinks in their stunning Christmas lounge. We finished up our meal here sharing “Santa’s Milk & Cookies”, one of the fabulous Christmas cocktail… Read More

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Celebrating Christmas 2022 {Snippets of Mother’s Christmas Home}

I tend to get swept up in family and fun the moment we get to Mother and Daddy-O’s fun and don’t do the best job of sharing her beautiful and thoughtful Christmas decor. Here a just a few snippets… Merry Christmas, y’all! By dixiedelights | Filed under celebrate, decorate | Tags: Christmas, decor, Mother Makes… Read More