A Lovely Welcome

I love love love holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception!  I have already starting decorating, crafting and making lists of things I want to do, make and bake between now and February 14.

First on that list was a new wreath for my front door.  I used to have loads of wreaths that I made for each and every holiday.  However, when we moved I tossed all but two.  My last home had an exposed front door and they were pretty ratty from spending so much time in the blazing sun or pouring rain. While John was having a play date last week and Cookie was napping, I made a simple door decoration out of a basic grapevine wreath and some greenery – both picked up from Hobby Lobby at half off!  I love that place!

Using Honey’s wire cutters, I snipped off all of the stalks from each of six greenery bunches and then tucked them into the grapevine base until it was full enough to cover the entire front and sides.

I wanted a wreath comprised solely of greenery so that I can simply switch out ribbon and maybe add an ornament to suit my fancy over time.  For Valentine’s Day, I added a thick double faced satin red ribbon (also half off at Hobby Lobby!) and a red glittered heart that Honey sweetly picked up for me at Michael’s (with very explicit instructions on exactly what to get and where to find it in the store.)

I always dress my dogs in matching ribbons for the holiday.  And I usually try my hardest to have something semi-living in my pots, but those that know me know that I am a horrid gardener.  After living under a sheet of ice for ten days, these pansies have seen better days.

I hope that all of the satin and sparkles will make for a lovely welcome as my friends, family and neighbors arrive for my Pampered Chef Cooking Show this afternoon!

See y’all there!

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