Five Years Young

John recently celebrated a milestone birthday…FIVE years young!  I’ve been mulling over creating a real growth chart for the kids for years and finally had that elusive light bulb go off in my head.  We have had this weird, narrow book shelf in our upstairs hallway that I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with. A few vinyl numbers and dashes later, we have a place to track and measure the growth of our sweet boys.    I went back to the baby books to pull off all of their milestone measurements and we will add to it on birthdays and half-birthdays.  After ordering the numbers (for a total cost of $17 including shipping) we ended up with this…

And, located at the very top of the stairs, it perfectly coordinates with this easy, under $20 project.

I just love it when things *finally* fall into place!

Update: If you are looking to replicate the growth chart or stair numbers, I worked to design them with this etsy seller.  Both pieces have 4″ tall black vinyl numbers.  She can do them in a variety of fonts.

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