Elf Magic

The holidays are here! Our trees are up, lights are on, Christmas music is playing, candles are lit, and, most importantly, our faithful elf Scout has returned for the month.

This year Scout is bringing a treat to the boys each day. We wanted to avoid just giving candy, so we decided to use all of the holiday books and movies that had been packed up since last Christmas as some of the daily treats for the boys.

We kicked off the fun on December 1 with a Scooby Doo Slumber Party.  After breakfast we rolled out the sleeping bags, put on our old Scooby Doo holiday DVD, popped popcorn and ate Scooby snacks.  The boys thought it was great fun (and I got a little break from their usual very wild behavior.)

Today Scout brought a Snowflake breakfast, complete with snow covered donuts and snow ball hot chocolate.  It was Cookie’s first taste of hot chocolate and I believe it was love at first sip. I’m not sure anything yummier had ever crossed those plump lips.

And tonight the boys found Scout like this… he had a little tummy ache from all those marshmallows.

Tomorrow Scout will bring a Flintstone Friday Pizza Party.  I recorded the Flintstone holiday special on ABC Family so we’ll watch that while dining on pizza.  It’s a good thing those boys are so good…. rather, that their parents are so forgiving :-)

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