Master Bathroom {A Touch of Neverland by Amy Fogg}

I am so honored and humbled to share this beautiful piece of art, A Touch of Neverland, that Amy Fogg created for our new master bathroom.  I realize that honored and humbled may not be the first words that some would use to describe art, but there are so many things about this piece and Amy that evoke those emotions for me.

Let me start from the beginning…  when I was choosing items for our family office I came across this oyster painting in Amy’s etsy store.  The name of it is “And Then There Were Three” and it spoke to me.  Some may see three oysters, but I saw my three boys.  My three babies – two of them that I am lucky enough to have here on earth, and the third in Heaven.  Even the placement of the oysters was significant to me – John and Whit on the left, and Matthew the one off to the side.  Alone.  I know he’s not alone, in fact I believe he is loved beyond my even my wildest dreams, but I often feel alone in my sorrow over losing him even eleven years later.  I was just starting to earn money on my blog in 2014 and I saved for months on end to be able to purchase one special thing for the office.  Amy’s art was that thing.  Every time I walk in the room I smile to think of my three boys.  I later found out that this was also a very special piece for Amy and her very first etsy store sale.

When Amy contacted me to say that she would be honored to paint a piece for my bathroom, I knew without a doubt that I wanted her to.  We talked about colors and movement and emotions, as well as technical details like the size and frame (or lack thereof).  Over the years, we’ve become virtual friends.  I know some of her story and she knows some of mine.  She sent me progress pictures and blew me away when she said that she had named the piece “A Touch of Neverland”.  It started out very dark, with flecks of gold that very much looked like what Pan and Tink and the gang must have seen when heading over the night sky of Neverland.  She brightened it up with what reminds me of flying straight through a cloud and peeking down that night sky.  Given my love of Disney and fairytales, this thoughtful detail was incredibly special.  In fact, Amy shares a mutual love of Disney too.  <3

But, what brought me to absolute bawling, ugly cry tears was this.  She inscribed Isaiah 66:9 on the back.  I didn’t know that verse and looked it up right before writing this post.

Shall I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth? says the Lord; shall I, who cause to bring forth, shut the womb? says your God.

God will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born.  He can birth life out of our pain, and he very much did so for me.  I thought I could never be whole again after delivering my perfect, tiny stillborn son.  But thirteen months later came Whit, the most beautiful rainbow baby I dared not to even dream of.  I prayed for him relentlessly, but didn’t allow myself to dream of actually having him.

Not only do I see Neverland in this special piece, but now I am also reminded of my very own lost boy.  <3

Amy Pollock Fogg earned a BS in Art Education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has been an artist and an educator ever since. She paints from various inspirations from life using the hands that God blessed her with.

I can’t wait to finish up with the bathroom and show you Amy’s painting in the room.  It is the crowning jewel.  Working with her was a joy and knowing her is a blessing.  Thank you, Amy, from the bottom of my heart.  I am humbled that you put so much heart and talent into my art, and I am honored to hang another of your pieces in my home.

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