Atelier Antlers

With the big basement re-do behind us, I have been enthusiastically pulling out some of the lovelies I’ve collected over the last eight months to find them a more suitable home than the bowels of my closet.  The first things out and up were my Suzanne Kasler (Suzanne was our girl name and it still makes me weepy that it will never be used) Atelier Antlers.  The moment I laid eye on these in the glossy pages of Ballard Designs, I knew I couldn’t live without them.  So, I promptly put them on my Christmas list and lo and behold if they didn’t show up under the tree!  It’s just a shame they spent the last eight months living in stuffy styrofoam and cardboard boxes when they are SO splendid on the wall of my family room.

And I must rave about Ballard’s customer service… recall that these were purchased back in November and not opened until a ridiculous amount of time later.  I was seriously boo hooing when one of the plaques had lost an antler and looked more like a unicorn than a deer.  Down in the doldrums, and thinking all hope was lost and ready to beg and plead, I called up Ballard’s and explained the situation.  NO PROBLEM!  They sent out a replacement AND a pre-paid shipping label to return the broken one.  Yippee!!!

Always the over achiever (much to my delight), Honey didn’t stop with the hanging of the horns.  He also drilled holes in the wall (one behind tv and second behind cable box) to hide the unsightly cords and cables running from the flat screen to the box.  My hero!! 

Before – no antlers + loads of cords + super bad lighting
After – no cords + loads of antlers

Happy Friday y’all.  I took my first dance class in… ahem… six years last night and now need to crawl away from my computer.   Oh, and HaPpY bIrThDaY besties SD and SW.  Thirty-five never looked so fab!

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Hi Cookie, I’m Mommy

Until last week, I had ridiculously little time one on one with my sweet, fat, happy baby Whit (aka Cookie.) He’s three years younger than John (aka Precious Cutie Pie, aka PCP) and spent the first two and three-quarter years of his precious life being carted around to the PCP’s events, activities, parties and play… Read More

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Stealing a Page

I’m stealing a page from my blog-ff calliespondence’s book and writing about two must-shop sales today. Lilly Endless Summer Sale Hop on over to the mothership at Lilly Pulitzer for too good to be true prices on all the shifts, skirts and McKim’s your heart desires.  Here are a few things I couldn’t let get away:  (The… Read More

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Wish List

At parent’s night last week, John’s new Kindergarten teacher had a few items pinned up on her “wish list”.  I chose Clorox wipes (because I appreciate germ fighting as much as the next mom) and Skittles (because the PCP, clearly inheriting my sweet tooth, will do anything for a shot of sugar.) Since John’s class… Read More

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Last night we celebrated BIL’s (brother in law) big four-oh birthday in a bash absolutely positively perfectly suited for the guest of honor.  If I were asked to name three things that BIL adores, the list would run much like his party did: cheese, good food and games.  We noshed on six feet of gourmet… Read More

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