Unscientific Slip Covers

When unveiling our basement buffet last week, I promised a little how-to on the slip covered chairs at the dining/gaming/crafting table.  I warn you, this will be extremely unscientific.  Here goes…
First, I cut my standard 54″ wide decorator fabric in half lengthwise.

Next I draped it over the chair and pinned it tight along the back of the chair on both sides. I also pinned a little tuck in the fabric where the chair back meets the chair seat.  It seemed to need this to make it taught throughout.

I then slipped the fabric off the chair and trimmed up the sides, leaving the portion of the fabric that covers the seat generously sized.  Note that the entire front and back of the chair back AND seat of the chair is all one single piece of fabric.

At this point I marked with pins on the fabric where I wanted the monogram placed.  I used my custom monogram created at Number Four Eleven for this project.  On completion, I placed the fabric back on the chair, this side inside out.  I re-pinned everything along both sides of the chair and that tuck where the back meets the seat.  I slipped the cover off of the chair and Mother sewed the seams along the sides of the chair and for the tuck.
Next I slipped the sewn cover back on the chair inside out.  I marked in pen along the three sides of the seat and back of the chair exactly where I wanted the pleated skirt sewn.
To make the pleated skirt, I cut 6.5″ strips of fabric and Mother hemmed the bottoms.  I then pinned the fabric strips, to make pleats, along the red line while inside out.  (not pictured… sorry)
Finally, Mother sewed the pleated strips on the red pen line.  We flipped the slip cover right side out and tried it on the chair.  There was one place that needed a tighter seam so we adjusted, pinned and Mother sewed.  And that was that!
may 2011 024 (2) copy
A fun way to spice up a couple of nineteen dollar Ikea chairs :-)
We’re off to the pool on this sweltering day!  Stay cool y’all!
Thrilled to have been featured on Ikea Hackers!

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