Haunted Halloween Home Tour {Porch}

Our Haunted Halloween Home Tour concludes today with the porch!

We love this space so much this time of year.  It took quite some time for fall to arrive, but we’ve lived with doors wide open ever since it did.

In the seating area I have swapped out much of the “everyday” decorative items for Halloween things collected over the years.

The plates are from Williams Sonoma (old) and I made the Nevermore canvas years ago!

The bat mobile was from Pottery Barn Kids and used to be in our playroom at Halloween. (Speaking of playrooms, I went to a parent meeting for high school tonight. Time flies.) 

I love to put festive wrapping paper down on the coffee table for Halloween and Christmas.  I usually keep a game out here in the fall, in addition to our regular cards, dominoes and dice games.  We love Tower of Terror Jenga and Haunted Mansion Clue for Halloween fun! 

Dropped Dead Fred and Anna are having a grand old time again this year. 

Mother made the polka dot pillow covers a few years ago and I found the print pillows at Target just as long ago.  The blankets were all from Ikea.  Inexpensive and great for outside!

We use the buffet table as a s’mores bar during the holidays – usually from Halloween through Christmas break.  I keep the food inside when not in use.  I wouldn’t trust these jars to keep critters away. If you haven’t tried making s’mores with Reese’s Cups, I highly recommend that. :-)

The other side of the porch has our dining table. You can see here how the space flows.

I fashioned a runner from the same wrapping paper roll used on the coffee table.  I also swap out the fish for a chalkboard from Halloween through Christmas.  The spider web chalk drawing was a freehand that took all of two minutes.

Happy Halloween, y’all! Thanks for staying all the way to the dead end.

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11 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween Home Tour {Porch}

  1. Very nice, as usual. I love the little skeletons in your table centerpiece. They look like little skeleton fairies with the bows!!

    1. Thank you! I’ve had them for a few years. Now that you mention it, they are kind of magical for skeletons. :-)

  2. I have so enjoyed your Haunted Halloween Home Tour this season! It was really hard to choose a favorite room but I think the kitchen might have won. How do you store all your seasonal décor? I use large plastic tubs and label them. I do go through them each season and weed out things I haven’t used in several seasons to donate or sell at local consignment stores.

    1. Thank you so much. I also love how the kitchen turned out this year.

      I do the same thing! Store most everything in tubs in the attic. I weed out every year, but I really only add one new thing each year and it has to be something I loooooove so this year I didn’t get rid of anything! I do the same for Christmas.

  3. I so enjoy touring along in your home checking out the decorations from year to year. I love how you keep up this tradition even though your boys are older now. May you continue to do it for your grandkids, although dead Fred may have to stay in the closet, ha ha

    1. Yes!! They still get really excited when the decorations come out. Of course, now they love the spookier additions more than just a countdown calendar. :-)

  4. I love your Halloween a touch of scary with a lot of class and ribbons! Also great to see the Disney ad with your family, your kids are so grown up now. Blessings

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