19 Ideas for Halloween {Eats, Treats, Parties, Printables & More}

I’ve collected NINETEEN of my favorite ways we’ve celebrated Halloween all month long over the years. Many I do year and again. I have eats, treats, parties, printables, books and so much more!

Bugs and Kisses Free Printable

Bugs and Kisses

This was a sweet little treat from years ago but is still a fave.  Simple bag up Hershey Kisses and spider rings and top with this free printable tag.

October 2013 603 copy

Care for a Bite Donuts + Free Printable

Care for a Bite Donuts

This is another fave!  I made them for the class, but they are just as much fun at home.  The tags are available as a free printable if you need them.

October 2013 606 copy

S’more Halloween Fun Idea + Tag

S’more Halloween Fun Printable Tag

This printable tag has been used around here for YEARS in so many different ways.  See them all with the link above!

October 2013 618 copy

Ghost Hot Chocolate

Ghost Hot Chocolate

If it wasn’t still 1,000 degress here we would have been drinking this all month long.  Make your cup of hot chocolate and pop a Ghost Peep on top for a spooky delight.

October 2013 666 copy

Halloween Truth or Dare

Halloween Truth or Dare

This game is available in my shop.  It’s been the source of MANY laughs and giggles this month!

October 2013 689 copy

Halloween Word Art Printable

Halloween Word Art Printable

I’ve included both pink and black versions.  Print and pop in a frame for easy last minute decor!


Care for a Bite Free Printable and Treat Idea

Care for a Bite Free Printable

For this easy little teacher gift, we made brownies in muffin tins and dotted the tops with seasonal m&m’s.

DSC_0075 copy

Dig In If You Dare Snack & Free Printable

Dig In If You Dare Free Printable

Add this to pretty much any treat!  Here we did them on dirt cups for the class.

DSC_0135 copy

Halloween Dessert Centerpiece

Halloween Dessert Centerpiece

This Halloween appetizer and dessert spread that plays double duty as your centerpiece!

Haunted House Cake Pan

Best Lemon Coconut Pound Cake + Favorite Haunted House Pan

I have a few of these Nordic Ware pans and they always turn out wonderfully. I’ve shared this recipe a few times, but it is literally my favorite cake recipe of all time. 

Spooky S’more Shakes

Spooky S’mores Shakes

I’ve been making these Spooky S’mores Shakes for a few years now.  They are perfect for when you are craving fall but it is still 86 degrees out.  Ha!

Somebody’s Watching You

Scary Yogurt for a School Day

I picked up these candy eyeball cupcake toppers in the Halloween section at Target and have loved plopping them in everything from yogurt to mashed potatoes.

Spooky Southwest Chili

Spooky Southwest Chili

It’s really just a favorite chili recipe with ghost chips on top!

Haunted Gingerbread Party

Haunted Gingerbread

Pick up a kit (now on super sale) at Target, the grocery store, or Michael’s and let your littles go to town.  Add a few bags of seasonal candy and dump them down the center of the table for a festive and easy centerpiece.

haunted gingerbread

Semi-Educational Class Halloween Party

Semi-Educational Class Party

If you’re scrambling at the last minute for your contribution to the class party (or are coordinating the whole shebang) I’ve got an entire party plan with links to free printables!


Pumpkin Babies

Pumpkin Babies

Decorating these was part of a larger class activity in 1st grade, but is something quick and easy you can do at home too!


Mickey’s Not So Scary Dinner

Mickey’s Not So Scary Dinner

I’ll be honest, this one requires more cooking and prep than the others, but is SO much fun!!  I’ve got everything you need in the post and all of the printables are available in my shop.

October 2013 042 copy

Halloween in the Shop

Halloween in the Shop

There are three of the skull bracelets left in our etsy shop! After that, it’s a wrap on Halloween.

October Reading List

October Reading List

I’ve shared a list of spooky, suspenseful, thrillers to add to your reading pile! These came from an Instagram poll last week.

Have a spooky one, y’all!

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