Ghost Hot Chocolate

This one is an oldie but a goodie.  Temperatures here in Georgia dipped down to freezing last week and our Halloween Witch surprised the littles with ghost hot chocolate for an after school treat.  After making the hot chocolate, I float a peep on top of a regular marshmallow to hold it up.  And in about two minutes, your little ghouls will be screaming with delight!  (I found the peeps at Target this year.)

October 2013 666 copy

On an unrelated note, I popped in the Lilly store with fellow LP lover M Saturday and we were delighted to find a spread of treats and cider.  Hello, lovely Lilly pumpkin!  I wanted to take you home with me.  You know, to offset Captain Underpants in my Halloween display.

photo 1 (11)
And since this post is already a bit schiz, I had to share my sweet Iron Patriot hanging with Big Joe.  He’s growing on me.  (The monkey, not the kid.  He stole my heart eight years ago.)

photo 2 (12)

Oh lord, since I’m sharing, check out precious CeeCee in two of her weekend looks.  Cutest baby girl ever.



Now, I’ve somehow lost the roll of teal grass cloth I used on my living room bookcases and I’m desperate to find it.  I’ll be saying non-stop novenas to St. Anthony today.  WHERE OH WHERE COULD I HAVE HIDDEN A ROLL OF WALLPAPER???????  I searched all weekend to no avail :-(

Oookay then… how’s that for a bunch of randomness to start your week!?!?

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10 thoughts on “Ghost Hot Chocolate

  1. Love the hot chocolate with the ghost. Super cute idea. CeeCee is so adorable!! I saw you Lilly pic on IG, almost told the hubby to turn around (we were headed to West Elm) to go check out the goodness!! LOL

  2. Love the randomness and those sweet faces! Don't feel bad, in my efforts to "organize" around here a few months ago I filed ALL of our house warranties somewhere and now I cannot find them anywhere! Our furnace just broke I and tore apart the house looking. It ended up we didn't need the warranty but the whole stack of them are still lost somewhere in this "organized" house! Ughh.. have a good week!

  3. My second suggestion–where did you put the scissors you used for this project. I tend to pick up everything for a project and dump it in one spot

  4. Jackie – The funny thing is that I remember thinking about storing the wallpaper on the top of the bookcase just where you suggested! But then I thought it might get too close to the box that has the lights for the bookcase and changed my mind. I put it somewhere that I thought was logical at the time. The scissors are in my drawer. Hhhmph!

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