Halloween House 2016 {Porch}

The month of October is one of the loveliest months to be out on porch and we go all out with the Halloween!  For the last stop on my Halloween home tour, I invite you to the porch…


You’ll find Skelly and his pup Anna (you  know, Elsa’s sister) out here “chilling” from the morning to the dead of night.  He’s one of my best Halloween purchases ever.



I always change things around from year to year, but the only new thing out here is the paper fan bunting!  You can see how I made it step by step in this video.   It makes a huge impact with a low cost and just a few minutes of time.  The DIY Nevermore Canvas is still hanging in there four years later!!  It’s one of my fave projects ever.



I love to fill our home with fun little things for the family to do, especially during the holidays.  I put out our Tower of Terror Jenga set in a black cauldron and we had a great time enjoying it the very first night the porch was decked out!  A wedge of our fave cinnamon dusted toscano cheese (seasonal at Trader Joe’s – get some!!), some grapes and bubbly water made for the perfect before dinner treat.




I’ve had the Halloween pillows for ages (Target) and brought out the Ikea gingham pillows and throw that I purchased last fall.  My very favorite thing is to light a fire and snuggle under the blanket on cool fall nights.  Yet, we don’t seem to have any of those in the near future :-)



I love to put real pumpkins out on the table but was scared they’d rot long before the holiday in the heat so I used some faux gourds I had in my stash.  Extra fans from the bunting were adhered to the chalkboard.  I really LOVE the look and want to recreate something similar at Christmas.





It wouldn’t be Halloween around here without our s’mores bar.  I keep the small packets of graham crackers in the bucket and marshmallows, Hersey bars and Reeses Cups in the jars.



I picked up this set of four plates at Home Good intending to hang them over the mantle.  BUT, I didn’t have the right sized plate hangers and didn’t feel like a trip out so I think we’ll just use them this year and hang them next year. :-)


That wraps up our Halloween home tour!!  It is a lot of work (takes me a FULL day) but the littles love it so so SOOOOO much that I can’t imagine not doing it.


Boo, y’all!


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9 thoughts on “Halloween House 2016 {Porch}

  1. Love how you decorate for the seasons and holidays, and your porch is always my fav!! Please tell where you found the precious bats?? I looked everywhere and had to settle for foam ones.

  2. Two Queries:

    #1 – wherever did you get the life-size skeleton? [ what is his name? :-) ]

    #2 – the jars with the candy – source?

    Love the blog!

    1. Hi is from Target a couple of years ago but I’m sure they carry every year. The jars were from World Market – very inexpensive!

  3. Adorable and fun, as always!! Where did you get the “Trick or Treat” garland you hung on your s’mores bar? I absolutely love it! Thank you!

  4. Looks wonderful!! Quick question…Do you ever have problems keeping your outdoor cushions clean on the screened porch? We have trees all around our screened porch and I find that the cushions cannot stay clean! We just got new furniture and cushions with sunbrella fabric, but they still get so dirty and it’s so frustrating!

    1. I don’t really have an issue other than when the pollen is coming down. Then I just cover them because you can’t be out there anyway. I do sweep off the porch about once a week and just sweep the cushions with the broom. I don’t notice a bunch of dust or dirt coming off of them though. We’ve got tons of trees but none really close to the house AND it’s up off the ground a few feet so maybe that helps.

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