Halloween House 2016 {Kitchen + Dining Room} + Hurricane Update

Welcome back to our haunted home tour.  Today we’re going to take a peek at the dining room and kitchen.


I love to set a spooky table in the dining room for Sunday Supper.


I grouped my lovely collection of Dollar Tree rats in one vignette this year rather than spreading them out around the house.  It reminds me of the time that Clary’s in Savannah was photographed one night after closing through the windows with rats crawling all over the tables.  It was called “the rat show” and people came out for a look.  I never stepped foot inside there again.  ha!


Each place setting got a white ceramic pumpkin on top of the folded buffalo check napkin.  These were new finds this year in the dollar bin at Target!  I love them for a few reasons… 1. they are cheaper than real mini pumpkins and 2.  I’ll be able to use them for years to come.


The burlap chargers belong to bestie P (I really need to return them!) and the black and white spode plates were a gift from Mother before I was married.


The cachepots are relatively new and are from Pottery Barn.  I had a gift card and a coupon that was expiring so I got them.  I feel like they are more Sister’s style and may end up passing them along.  Once again I’ve employed my flower arranging tips from a novice in putting these together.


While I kept things all black and white in the dining room, I had a lot of fun with orange in the kitchen.  I mean, why not?!  It’s HALLOWEEN!!!!




Since it’s been a fave the last couple of years, the Scare up some Cereal bar returned for 2016.  This year I stocked the jars with Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Chex, both compliments of General Mills.  I’m trying to offset some of the boys of candy corn laying around with better for you cereals.  :-)  I found the white skeleton hands at Michael’s for a dollar or two and think they make a great addition to the usual line up.


I’m still madly in love with the Keurig.  Now that the littles can operate it solo, I think Halloween and Christmas are perfect times to kick up the fun factor a little with hot chocolate and apple cider pods, flavored syrups and mix ins.  At this moment they are literally waiting outside of this room for me to take my pictures so that they can devour the first hot chocolates of the season…  The monogrammed mugs are from the Dixie Delights Shop and you can find the flavored syrups here and syrup pumps here.



I have a few Halloween plates and have swapped out some of my oyster plates for these.


Over in the breakfast area we are all set up for a pancake breakfast.  Again, the littles are chomping at the bit to get in here :-)



I picked up a few more Jack o Lantern chandelier shades from Ballard Designs this year and love having them in the kitchen.  I also added two felt wreaths from Target on the doors.  Our spooky hologram pics from Memento Mori in Magic Kingdom are back again this year.  They are SO good and SO worth all the double takes we get from visitors.



We’ve got silver dollar pancakes from Trader Joe’s, with syrup, mini chocolate chips, pecans and sprinkles ready for the hungry pack of animals waiting in the wings.  It’s our first Halloween breakfast of the month!!




With that, I’d best get them fed.  Who knows what they might do…. bwahahahaha.



Torani Flavored Syrups  |  Torani Syrup Pumps

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On the hurricane front, Mother and Daddy-O made it home Monday morning and Sister and her family shortly thereafter.  Nobody has power yet but they really needed to see their homes with their own eyes.  Mother said Savannah is like nothing she’s ever seen before – trees and debris everywhere and National Guard patrolling the streets – but that the damage could have been so much worse.  She did take some pictures of their home but has a “dumb phone” (as they call them) and no power so she can’t send them to me yet.  She said a few of their exterior light fixtures were blown off the house and they have a huge amount of clean up ahead of them.  Some Beach lost half of a shutter and had a tree limb go through the screened porch.  Again, they feel so thankful knowing that it could have been much worse.  On behalf of my whole family, THANK YOU for all of your thoughts, prayers, emails, calls and texts.  <3



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16 thoughts on “Halloween House 2016 {Kitchen + Dining Room} + Hurricane Update

  1. I am SO happy to hear that the damage was minimal – what a relief!

    I, of course, adore your dining room & kitchen spooky decor! I am loving the orange in the kitchen and breakfast room, and especially the skeleton hands! xo

  2. We are still waiting to hear how our nephew’s beach house fared but as it is part of old Fort Screven and has been there over 100 years, hopefully it made it. One of Marvin’s high school friends made it back to Tybee and the only store open was the liquor store!:) So glad you sister’s beach house is ok. Seeing the pictures of Savannah and all those old trees down was so sad.

  3. Love how you decorate for Halloween every year. Can you share where you got your bench for your kitchen table please. I have been looking for one with a back to it.

  4. I love the additions this year! Those little white pumpkins on the buffalo check are adorable. Who knew Dollar Tree rats could look so “cute?”. The new wreathes on the doors look great. Target has just been killin’ it lately, right? I think I’m putting another Keurig on my Christmas wishlist this year. I have one, but took it to work so everyone on my hallway can have delicious drinks throughout the day. The other teachers would die if I took it home from school.

    Happy Haunting Amanda!

  5. I’m so glad there was no serious damage to their homes. I thought about your family and your sister’s Tybee house. My boy’s home has no real damage other than some broken limbs on trees. But his restaurant, The Wyld, had major flooding, out there on the creek. Flooded the entire bottom floor, lost all the food. They have a lot of clean up and repair before they can reopen.

  6. Amanda, I’m so glad that your family’s homes sustained minimal damage for the storm. I love the Halloween decorations in your home–spooky, yet classy! xoxo

  7. You dining room and kitchen look spooktacular!! I love the new Halloween wreaths and the skeleton hands at the cereal bar. I am happy to hear both your families homes had minimal damage, the same is for my family on Wilmington Island. We are so grateful everyone is safe, Happy Halloween!!

  8. Your white pumpkins against the buffalo checks look great! And your breakfast is adorable! Your black and white plates are fab!

    Thank you for the updates. We are all very blessed that so many prayers were answered. May things go smoothly in the aftermath. They must have cried tears of gratitude. What a relief. Rebecca (above), I will pray for your son.

    Amanda, kindly tell Sister that she may need to go inside Some Beach and take photos of EVERYTHING so we, the readers, can be absolutely, 100% certain that every.square.inch. is okay. We will be happy to assess the situation. ;-)

  9. So good to hear that your family sustained only minor damage to their homes. I love your kitchen and dining spooky decorating. I want some of those rats!, but think hubby might have kittens, so I will hunt out the darling white pumpkins from Target. Fearful of being a little too late though.
    The Scare Up Some Cereal Bar is a great idea-too cute! The family hologram pics are a scary hoot!
    Thankful that your loved ones are all safe.

  10. I am so glad that your family is ok. My parents and grandparents are from the South and they always used the term supper. I have always lived in the North where they say dinner. It is very comforting to hear someone say supper, it reminds me of my wonderful grandparents and the great southern meals we enjoyed while sitting around their table. Love the pictures in your breakfast room.

  11. Love the Halloween decorations. Everything looks so festive. So glad the family homes survived. We just got power back today in NC.
    Where did you find the pumps for the syrup bottles?

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