Halloween House {Room by Room}

Spiders and Serpents
Tail of a Rat
Calling All Spirits…
Wherever They’re At


It’s October and that means all things creepy, crawly and spooky have made their way into every crack and crevice of our home.  Over the next week I promise to follow up with all the details, but for now, beware…

A Haunted Hello {Exterior + Foyer}

DSC_0122 copy

DSC_0034 copy

Creepy Crawly Den + Kitchen
DSC_0046 copy

DSC_0008 copy

Dine…If You Dare

DSC_0067 copy
Preppy in the Office

DSC_0105 copy

Spooky Surprise in the Powder Room


Calling All Spirits to the Porch

DSC_0077 copy

Stay tuned, as more wicked things are coming your way…

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14 thoughts on “Halloween House {Room by Room}

  1. I am glad you decorate for Halloween too. I love the season. Yours is classy yet fun. Be sure to visit the Uptown Acorn in the next few days…. I heart October.

  2. I love how it is creepy and classic without being overdone.

    I lean more toward the “fall” stuff every year… but this makes me want to consider doing a little more.

    Also, love the beginning lines…. from one of my favorites!!! ;)

  3. Your Halloween home is one of my favorites, great job!! You inspire me to get my home ready for this fun time of year!!

  4. That ghost cake! SO cute and it must be YUMMY with all of those layers. I love the pumpkin dishes on your table. Your front yard is so inviting, I hope you get a lot of trick or treaters :)


  5. This is so fun. I just want to know how do you do it all!! I need a schedule like yours…and a clean house too! But for real! A day in the life of Amanda post please!!

  6. :-) It’s so American:-) I love it:-) In Poland we decorate our houses mainly pumpkins but your inspirations are amazing and I have to think about something more:-) Thank U

  7. Is the large Nevermore file still available by email? I read your tutorial showing how to make the canvas. I am a school librarian and would love to add that to my October Poe display.

  8. Amanda,
    Love your blog! Love the Halloween décor. How do you have time to fit every thing in? Someone posted earlier, we would love to see a day in the life of Amanda. Have a great Halloween! You are off to a great start.
    P.S. The toilet paper holder is so cool! Did you make it?

    1. Yes!!!! I used two mittens from target, stuffed the fingers with paper towels and the hands a little and then slipped them over the pieces of the toilet paper holder that come out of the wall. I then put the little spring bar back on – on top of the gloves. Does that make sense? So all you need are mittens and something to lightly stuff them with!

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