Halloween House {Creepy Crawly Den + Kitchen}

It’s time for the next installment of our Halloween Home Tour!!  Yesterday I shared the exterior and foyer, and today we are on to the creepy crawly den and kitchen.

It would hardly be Halloween without a few spooky additions to our main living areas!  

DSC_0046 copy

Spiders have been frantically spinning their webs all over the fireplace.  EEK!

DSC_0050 copy

Candy corn and candy corn colored blooms have attracted a gaggle of crows on the coffee table.  The littles discovered the candy approximately one split second after bounding off the bus.  I guess it’s good it will be short lived because it’s only a matter of time before Elsa finds it.

DSC_0047 copy

I picked up a handful of down right scary hologram pics at the Dollar Tree a few years back.  I cut them out of their plastic frames and put them in “nicer” Dollar Tree silver frames.  I LOVE replacing our family photos with this each year.  bwahahahaha

DSC_0051 copy

DSC_0054 copy

DSC_0058 copy

DSC_0060 copy

DSC_0061 copy

Mother and I glittered a bag of bones years ago and I still love puling them out.

DSC_0062 copy

The kitchen is equally as spooky and it makes family dinner so much more festive!

DSC_0008 copy

Witches hair in the chandelier and a five layered ghost cake made for a scary sweet dessert to ring in the season

DSC_0005 copy

I used my FAVORITE five layer cake pan to make the darling dessert.  It uses one box of cake mix and I have finally come to terms with my inability to ice a cake and go with the en vogue deconstructed look now.  You can see last year’s cake here.  LOL.

DSC_0029 copy

Every year we add one or two things to our Halloween collection.  The littles have been asking for a skeleton dog and a fog machine, but I was easily able to convince them to bring home these amazing hologram pics of US from Memento Mori in Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Their little friends have all been FREAKING out about how cool they are :-)

DSC_0017 copy

DSC_0009 copy

Last year’s Scare up some Cereal bar was SUCH a hit that I had to bring it back again!!  I use the General Mills Monster Cereals.

DSC_0011 copy

I replace our family photos with the hologram pics in here as well, and swap out our oyster plates with spookier options.

DSC_0013 copy

DSC_0016 copy

  Trick or Treat bags are at the ready in the mud room.  

DSC_0063 copy

All of our decor has been accumulated over the years.  Here are the sources where originally purchased:
Spider cut outs & tombstone chalkboard – Martha Stewart for Michael’s
Trick or Treat Bags – Lillian Vernon
Happy Everything Plate – Amazon
Cereal jars & milk bottle ghost clings – Target
Monster Cereals – General Mills
Custom hologram pictures – Memento Mori in Disney World
Frames – Ikea
Ghost cake (5 layer pan) – Amazon
Skeleton bones set & witch’s hair – Michael’s
Dessert plates – Pottery Barn
Assorted crows – Michael’s and Dollar Tree

Check back tomorrow for our dining room… if you dare!

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7 thoughts on “Halloween House {Creepy Crawly Den + Kitchen}

  1. SO suitably spooky! I just love the spiders creepy-crawling over the fireplace. And the new hologram picture are FANTASTIC! xo

  2. Your Halloween decor makes me want to be a kid again. Oh, the memories you are providing your children. Please tell me where you purchased your curtain rod in your kitchen. Born and raised in the south but moved west. Love reading your blog.

    1. It is by Antique Drapery Rod Company. I bought most of the pieces on clearance at Calico Corners but did have to finish out my sets full price. They are not cheap but are SO well made. Have not found anything nearly as nice.

  3. This was a great bunch of ideas….I was going to suggest putting some spooky eyeballs in your oyster painting, lol. Seems great minds think alike…Love the dog with the witch hat.

    Fun stuff, Thanks, Sandi

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