Scare Up Some Cereal

We were super exited to come home from Disney and find three surprise guests waiting for us!! That’s right! Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry are back with a brand new look from DC Comics this Halloween.

The littles are at an age where they just adore any sort of self-serve food bar. Especially when it involves mix and matching any sort of ingredients or toppings. So, I thought our monster cereals were just screaming to be displayed on our counter in just that way!

DSC_0099 copy

I picked up the chalkboard and bowls at Target. The cute glitter clothes pins were a treat from my sweet friend A at Monograms ‘n Mud. I’ve had the jack ‘o lantern decals and skeleton straws from past Halloweens.

DSC_0116 copy

The littles were all too excited when I finally got my pictures and told them they could scare up some cereal for the next morning’s before school breakfast!!

DSC_0010 copy


Happy Halloween month!


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