I Love {My Keurig}

I was so deeply saddened when my mini Keurig met his maker a few weeks ago.  I had NO clue about all the good things I was missing out on.  I love thee new Keurig.  Let me count the ways…

I love that you brew just one cup at a time.  Because I am one cup of coffee a day kind of gal.  I love that I can change up my flavor every single time.  And I love that I can offer a variety for my guests.  I also love how you look so good in my kitchen.

I love that since upgrading to the 2.0 I can now fit my travel mugs under your dispenser.  For that matter, I also love that I now have a water reservoir so that I don’t have to refill you each and every morning.


I love that you brew a carafe for four.  This has already come in very handy on the weekends when Honey is home to enjoy with me.  And when Mother and Daddy-O visit.


I love that you have made hot chocolate a snap.  No more messy packets spilled all over my kitchen.  And you are so easy for the littles to use now.  {See: Cool Whip Hearts}



I love that you brew so many fun things.  Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot water and now SOUP!  John is an a phase where he eats every five minutes.  This is a great self-serve snack for him.



I love that you now have a time to come on and a time to turn off.  And you can also auto-shutdown after how ever many minutes of inactivity that I choose.

You’re pretty darn fabulous.

xoxo, moi

Keurig K450 in Sandy Pearl

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15 thoughts on “I Love {My Keurig}

  1. Like I’ve mentioned in the past, the Keurig isn’t my fave. But my goodness, no wonder you love your new one! I didn’t know they made Keurigs without reservoirs and without the removable bottom (which shows how late I was to the Keurig game, I guess).

    It does looks fab in your kitchen! And bonus points for making it easy for the little’s to use! ?

  2. I love my Keurig, but I may have to invest in one like yours–yours does so much more than mine. I didn’t even know they came in colors other than black. Have a great day! xoxo

  3. Looks good! Another friend just purchased the same style color. Looks worlds better than the old black ones. I need to replace mine. LHG

  4. I just purchased a new K450 at the beginning of the year. WHY OH WHY did I not get the white one? It looks gorgeous in your cream kitchen and would have in mine too!

    Love you blog Amanda.


  5. I initially purchased the Keurig Platinum for my honey when it first came out over 5 years ago. after much use, it also met it’s maker, I placed a call to Keurig headquarters. Since the Platinum version was no longer being manufactured, they issue us a new Keurig 2 model 450. We love the Keruig 2. Also, don’t forget the Keurig 2 also can be used with a Keurig carafe. The Kcups for the carafe make 2 to 4 cups at a time.

    My littles love the k cups for lemonade available. in the summer my honey loves the ice coffee.

  6. I need suggestions on what flavors to buy! I got a 2.0 a few weeks ago and bought the Keurig 60-count variety pack to see what I like. I have been so disappointed; the only one I thought didn’t have a nasty aftertaste was the Caribou blend, set on the 10 oz. size. The Donut Shop vanilla cream puff was tolerable. The rest were just funky. Can’t even say I liked the Swiss Miss. It was too watery, even on the 6 oz. setting. Suggestions??

    1. My favorites are Caribou, Kahlua and Donut Shop chocolate glazed and Donut shop boston cream. Of course I take my coffee with loads of creamer so who knows what they really taste like underneath it all. I’m not a hot chocolate drinker, but my kids love the swiss miss :-)

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