Halloween House 2016 {Den + Office}

I’m baaaack…

The den is our main living space where you can almost always find someone reading, playing a game, watching a movie, playing on an iphone, or hunting squirrels from the comfort of the sofa (that would be Elsa).  As our most lived in space, it’s a fun one to decorate!  I focused on keeping collections of spooky things together this year.


You’ll find spiders scurrying up the fireplace…


… and a flock of black crows perched all about the tv.




New in the den this year are two darling witch hats for the staffordshire pups (Michael’s for $2).  I added bows because that’s the kind of thing I do.


As the littles get older, our Halloween decorations get spookier.  Which, let’s be honest, is ONE thing I love about them getting older.  In another year or two I’ll be adding devil horns and vampire fangs and blood droplets to the silhouettes.  You just wait…



Every Christmas I put out a puzzle on the den banquette.  Family and friends come and go from it, adding a piece here and there, until complete.  I picked up this Haunted Mansion puzzle last year and have been counting down the months to bring it out.  It’s one of my very favorite attractions at Disney (and just celebrated it’s 45th birthday on October 1) so I went with the theme.



If y’all haven’t tried the pumpkin caramel corn from Trader Joe’s, I implore you to go find it.  We’ve been gobbling it up like it’s going out of style.  Oh wait… it IS going out of style because it’s one of the many amazing seasonal items that are only available for a minute in time.


I couldn’t resist adding the Haunted Manor Anthology Candle* to my Halloween decor this year.  I mean, how fun!  I love to scan in the puzzle box tops, print them out and laminate them for this area.  It’s cuter than a giant box sitting here AND functional because two people can now see the picture at once.


The coffee table is sporting a little arrangement from Trader Joes ($3.99) and a bowl of candy corn.  I’ve replaced most of our family photos in the den and kitchen with spooky hologram pics.  They were from the Dollar Tree years ago and I framed them in Dollar Tree silver frames.  The gold hand was from Michael’s this year ($10 but I used my 50% off coupon) and, outside of the candle and witch hats, was my only new purchase for this room.  You can see everything I got and how I’m using it in my Halloween Haul Video.


This time of year you will find candy corn in bowls all over the house.  I love that I hate candy corn and am not tempted at all.  Now, those cinnamon jelly hearts at Valentine’s are a whole ‘nother story.



The side table has another spooky pic, a glittery little skeleton hand under the cloche, and John’s Tales from the Haunted Mansion book.  He said it was good but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.



The additions to the office are simple and similar to year’s past.  I put out my DIY monogram and Lilly pumpkins, Free Printable Halloween Word Art and ghost chair backs.





Next on the agenda is orange in the Kitchen and an elegant Halloween table in the Dining Room.  Boo, y’all!



Tales from the Haunted Mansion (affiliate) |   Anthology Candles (referral gets 10% off)

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9 thoughts on “Halloween House 2016 {Den + Office}

  1. I love the spiders crawling over the fireplace – but the crows take the cake this year! Can’t wait to see what else is in store! xo

  2. So cute!! And that’s funny, I literally decorate with candy corn for the exact same reason! So not tempting to me but looks amazing ;) You are such an inspiration with decor!

  3. Yes! Those wild crows! Do you leave them up during Tech games?!
    My favorites are “The Pups”, decked out to the nines, and your cozy puzzle nook. It all is elegantly eerie! :-)

    I was grateful to see your parents arrived safely. God bless everyone during this stressful time.

  4. I agree with the previous comment. All “elegantly eerie”. Everything you have decorated is delightfully spooky. Replacing family photos with spooky hologram pics is something I would never think to do-How clever of you!! I kept waiting to see Elsa all dressed for Halloween (maybe later?)
    SO-O-O love your ghost chair and have been looking for one for quite some time. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the two you have?
    I thought I remembered you mentioning once that your parents live near the Savannah area. I hope they are safe and pray that their home is not affected.

  5. Your Instagram recap is adorable and sounds lovely. I hope Some Beach and your family home will remain safe. Enjoy your sweet time together.

  6. Watching the reports here on the west coast. It’s 2am in the east and I am praying for Tybee and for your dear parents, as you all go through this. God bless you all.

  7. Everything is beautiful! I love it all! Your home is so elegant and lovely and I love how you do “classy” Halloween.

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