Daily Delight {Halloween Haul}

I am terrible about advanced blogging.  I feel like my blog roll and instagram feeds have had pumpkin everything since mid-August while we’re still in swimsuits and making ice cream in this house.   Sooooo… since it will be a little bit before I have Halloween decorations to share, I wanted to go ahead and show y’all some of the new things I’ve picked up this year!!

My hope is that this will give y’all a chance to hunt some of this stuff for yourself before the Halloween is cleared off the shelves in favor of Christmas (which will probably be any day now!).
I will say, pulling all that out does have me itching to get spooky around here.  The littles came home before I put it away and were SO excited at the prospect.  Eek!
Let me know if you’ve found anything fabulous to add to your decor.  I know most people don’t go all out for Halloween but it’s our second fave holiday here!!!!!  Boo, y’all!
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10 thoughts on “Daily Delight {Halloween Haul}

  1. Very fun! You are the only person on earth that can make those rats look good! I still can’t bring myself to buy them! Ha ha Thanks for the tip on the Halloween gingerbread houses, which I will be searching for pronto! I saw some skeleton animals at CVS and even took a photo to send to you. I think you will love them and should run over there immediately to snatch them up. :-) Thanks, Amanda. Your kitchen always mesmorizes me!

  2. I love, love, LOVE it! Your Halloween home tour is something I look forward to all year, and definitely inspired me to up my game! I can’t wait to see all of the new touches come into play. Thanks for sharing your fab finds! xoxo

  3. I am so upset! We are getting ready for our fall Disney trip and I dropped the adorable bracelet I bought from your shop and it broke! Beads everwhere? So sad!

  4. You are adorable!!
    I just went to target and got some fun Halloween finds! Thanks for the tips about the dollar bins. They had some cute stuff

  5. Thank you for getting me in the groove for Halloween. I am a holiday girl but with this heat wave in Knoxville I have not decorated yet. Time for my TN football decorations to go away until November. I already went to Target.com and picked up a few items. I got 10% off and free shipping on my Halloween goodies. I ordered 2 wreaths too. Kep your Fabo ideas coming! Have a great Sunday!!!

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