Halloween House 2016 {Exterior + Foyer}

Boo, y’all!! Things are getting pretty spooky around here, and we came home to find it feeling a little bit like fall.  Finally (even if it is only in the early morning before the sun wakes up)!!


I’m kicking off the Haunted Halloween tour with the exterior and foyer today.  I’ve got the whole house pretty much done, but it will take some time to take pictures of it all.


I’ve got my BOO Bronwyn Hanahan door hanger up, the little mesh ghost picks (Michael’s) in my ferns and my jack-o-lanterns (Target) out.



I keep my jack-o-lanterns on a timer so that they come on from around 5-10PM each night.


Heeeeeey, Elsa.


I instructed her to “sit” very firmly and in my most authoritative voice and she did this.  Seriously, who is the boss around here?!


I picked up this cute Trick or Treat / Out of Candy sign at Target and added the ribbons.  I love this new addition!!



I use my candy corn door hanger, also by Bronwyn, on the friend’s entry.


And, I have more jack-o-lanterns out on the porch steps.

DSC_0112 copy

Now, y’all come inside…. if you dare.  bwahahahahaha

The foyer is one of my favorite rooms to decorate for a holiday – it’s small and a little effort makes a big impact!  I focused on black and white this year, layering crows on the foyer table, rats scurrying up the stairs, and bats fluttering across the mirror.  Leaves from the yard and antique books add the perfect spooky touch.





Best of all, I didn’t buy one new thing outside of the little trick or treat sign for the outside or foyer this year!!

I can’t wait to share the rest of the house over the next week or two.  Stay tuned for more spooky things to come your way.


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15 thoughts on “Halloween House 2016 {Exterior + Foyer}

  1. Wow, what a great post. You make my day when you post your decor. And, Elsa! What a doll. I want to do everything you do. I’ve had a burlap table cover made (just like yours–I’m such a copy-cat of yours).

  2. Looks great! I spy the tall jack-o-lantern on legs and love the pale colors! Can’t wait to see what other magic you cast. :-)

  3. Hey Amanda, I always love how you decorate your home each season! Makes me feel like a slacker because I can’t keep up with it. Everything you do is just too cute!!!

    On another note – I will be visiting my son and daughter-in-law in another week or so. My daughter and my newest grand will be with me. We want to take the baby to a pumpkin patch in the Atlanta area (my son lives in Acworth) to get some great photos. Do you have any recommendations? I don’t mind driving to a wonderful patch to get those cute photos! We also want to visit the Coke Museum (because you have posted about it). Any recommendations for that as well – like best days, etc.?? Thank you for your help!

  4. Everything looks great, as usual! I love the outside but the foyer is my favorite! The tall jack o’lantern is adorable. I could handle all of it except the rats! They almost make me break out in hives! :) Weird, I know. With boys though, anything goes.

    I watched the video of your porch mantel bunting. Love it! I think the lights would be great but then again, I love

  5. Sorry…posted before I finished! Seems I can’t win today ~ :)

    I watched the video of your porch mantel bunting. Love it! I think the lights would be great but then again, I love having the lights most anywhere.

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