Pumpkin Projects

Both of the littles carried home pumpkin projects this week.  Tis the season, I suppose!

The baby had to dress up his pumpkin for this month’s family project and it should come as no surprise that he chose Mike Wazowski.  And I must admit, it was a fine choice for a round pumpkin. 
  photo 3 (8)
And the PCP had to complete a Pumpkin Book Report.  He had to answer a few short questions on a character profile page and decorate a pumpkin like said character.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a day when I’d be putting undies on a pumpkin.  John painted on the face with craft paint and we cut up one of Honey’s old t-shirts for the cape.  It’s a pretty good rendition of an albeit questionable literary gem.  But hey, whatever gets him reading.  (And I admittedly have questionable taste in literature myself.)

October 2013 599

October 2013 597

We used a faux pumpkin because I had every intention of absconding with it for my own monogrammed pumpkin project but, much to my dismay, all three boys agreed that this pumpkin must stay as is and come out each and every year for Halloween.  Hmmm…. outvoted again.

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11 thoughts on “Pumpkin Projects

  1. What is up with boys loving Captain Underpants? Instead of Halloween Costume, they are having a dress like your favorite character day at school. My boy wanted to dress like Captain Underpants. I still have a few days to convince him to change his mind :) Hope so!

  2. LOL-That is hysterical. I think that could become a family heirloom. You could do a whole family of them….lol…make sure you put a nice pair of panties on the one that represents you….you know…just in case it gets in an accident….xo Diana

  3. I giggled when I saw the undies on the pumpkin! LOL
    Will the undies remain on it every year too? Haha
    Cookie's MU pumpkin is pretty smart!!
    The boys get their talent naturally….from you! :-)

  4. I love your blog. It is my nightly routine and inspiration to be a creative mama like your self.

    We adopted our first child in May and her first birthday is coming up. I love, LOVE your "forever gift" ideas. Do you have any suggestions for a girl's forever gift? Any help is appreciated!

    1. Congratulations!! You could do a little locket or tiny bracelet. We did the sterling spoon and fork set that match our silver for ours. As she gets older a charm bracelet!!

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