Grass Cloth Love

I’m still chugging along on my living room update.  The latest thing checked off the list was to figure out how to get some temporary color on the bookshelf backs.  They were just too heavy and brown and have always bothered me a little.  But I hated to paint them because I might want them wood again one day. 

living room 3

So, what’s a girl to do??  I wallpapered them!

July 2013 113 copy
I ordered a roll of teal colored grass cloth to match the coral printed fabric…  (I’ve been itching for a little grass cloth in my life.)


…and went to town adhering it with Museum Putty, of all things.  (Found mine at Container Store.)

Ready America Museum Putty- Collectors Hold

I measured each opening and the cut the grass cloth.  Daddy-O helped me hold it in place while I worked with the Museum Putty.  I don’t think this was its intended use, but Sister successfully did it, it will hold the paper, it is removable and it is cheap.  Win, win, win, win.  You essentially tear off a small piece, roll it into a little ball and then press it flat onto your surface.  You put the paper up and have to apply a lot of pressure to get it to stay.  It would come undone easily as I was doing it and I felt sure it would all be laying on the floor by the next morning.  Well, what do you know, it held the paper and hasn’t budged an inch since.

July 2013 070 copy

The rest of the room reveal is coming real soon! 

Excited for the feature at By Stephanie Lynn!

29 thoughts on “Grass Cloth Love

  1. I am definitely borrowing (aka stealing) this idea for my bookcases in the den. I love how you did not PAINT them. Too many folks are going cray cray painting good wooden furniture that they will "want" back one day. I love the color. What color do you think would look best in my den, Amanda? xo

  2. Oh my heavens! This may be one of my favorites that you have done!!!!! It adds the perfect amount of personality, and I think it makes all the white accessories pop off the shelves.
    Well done, Amanda!

  3. I blogged about doing the very same thing to our great room cabinet a few weeks ago. I used a foam like tape that was sticky on both sides. My wallpaper is in the blue family, and it looks/works great, too.

  4. I love what I am seeing so far. It adds just the right amount of color. Also, please sharet he details of the little house on the shelf on the very bottom picture. I am fascinated and a collector of all types of houses.

  5. Amanda, I love the direction this room is going in and what a genius idea to put the grasscloth on! I agree with you about not wanting to paint the wood. You never know when you will get tired of this look and want the wood back! Love it!

  6. Hi Dixie Delights!!!

    What a difference it made!! The change really lightens up the wood. And the green color really makes the color of one of your cushion really pop out.

    Great idea to use putty!!


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