Dig In…If You Dare {Free Printable}

The further we get into the school year, the more evident it becomes that the third grade team at my school has an aversion to fun.  For example, they don’t get to celebrate their individual birthdays and they are not having a “fall party” or “pumpkin centers” like the other grades (Lord knows we can’t expressly celebrate Halloween).  Rather, they are celebrating the end of their unit on soil and fossils.  Wowza!!  The GREAT news is that John doesn’t think this is lame at all… only his Mommy does :-)  (At this point I should absolutely clarify that we adore John’s new teacher and are thankful for her every.single.day.  From what I understand, it’s a “team” decision not something she personally instituted.)But I digress… when I was asked by the room mom to make “dirt dessert” for the soil and fossil shindig, I instantly knew that I had to put a Halloween twist on it.  And I pray I’m not forever prohibited from helping again.  To that end, rather than only having the typical gummy worms crawling out of the dirt, I added a mini pumpkin candy and an oozing gummy skull (Target) topped off with a “Dig In… If You Dare” sign.

DSC_0135 copy

There are various recipes floating around out there.  I went simple and just layered chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and candy.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Dirt Dessert – Serves 24
– 4 packages chocolate pudding, prepared
– 1 package Oreo’s
– bag gummy worms
– other candy, as desired
– pack of lollipop sticks
– 5oz. clear plastic cups (Party City)

1. In each cup, spoon 1/3 cup prepared pudding.
2. I crushed one row of oreo’s per 8 pudding cups in a gallon zip top bag.  So, with one package of Oreo’s you can do all 24 pudding cups.  Spoon to cover the top of the pudding.
3. Decorate with candy and signs (glued to lollipop sticks).

John stayed up late and helped me place the candy.  He is SO excited to bring these in tomorrow!!

DSC_0143 copy

You can find the free printable tags here… good not only for dirt dessert, but for whatever spooky treats you might be cooking up tomorrow!

Dig In If You Dare Free Printable File

As for the rest of the night, we took the littles to IHOP for the first time ever as tonight’s Halloween treat.  They loved it!!  They had huge “bowls” of hot chocolate and did the make your own scary face pancakes.  I remember eating at IHOP with my parents as a kid – I adored the strawberry syrup and thought the stack of pancakes was just amazing.  Such fun!!



With that, I’ve got to scoot.  I’m orchestrating the baby’s class party tomorrow and need to help Honey draw ghost faces on the popcorn cups while we catch another episode of How to Get Away With Murder.

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7 thoughts on “Dig In…If You Dare {Free Printable}

  1. Great desserts! I used to make the Dirt Cake for the grands…Alex loved the gummy worms. :) Hope both boys have a blast at school and tomorrow evening. So happy the new teacher is working out!


  2. Boo for no fun, generic holiday parties:-( YEA for creative Amanda for making Halloween dirt cups! They're so cute. I still remember all my classmates' birthdays because we celebrated their special day & have the best memories of celebrating all the holidays w/ my friends at school. Happy Halloween!!!

  3. These teachers who made the decision to eliminate a holiday that all the kids are so crazy about should be sat in the corner. As a former Kindergarten teacher, I say "good for you!" for inserting fun into the day.
    Our schools are actually trick-or-treating downtown today! It's one of my favorite things to go watch.
    Happy Halloween to you, good Mom!

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