Halloween in the Shop

It’s been ages since I’ve typed out those few words ^^^. The Dixie Delights Shop is OPEN with three Halloween bracelets made my Mother! She has three spooky designs. They ship out next day so you will have plenty of time to enjoy them all month!

Dixie Delights Shop

I’m hoping she will send me the pumpkin. It screams Nightmare before Christmas to me. :-)

I don’t know about y’all, but it’s really hard to get in the Halloween spirit when it feels like the dog days of summer outside. I think we might watch Hocus Pocus after dinner to help.

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9 thoughts on “Halloween in the Shop

  1. Oh I miss your shop! I stockpiled your Christmas present stickers (“something you want/need/to do/read”), and I love using them every year!

  2. Mother outdid herself as always! We’ve already watched Hocus Pocus twice plus caught clips on TV. It’s our Halloween thing, we can’t resist!!

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