Bugs & Kisses Halloween Treat {Free Printable}

When the PCP’s teacher asked if I could help out with a little Halloween treat for the class, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I mean, how cute is this?!?!

October 2013 603 copy


I originally saw it as a Valentine’s idea and I still totally want to use that for the baby this year. I used bags with a 4” opening (Michael’s) and they were a breeze to make! I found packs of 24 clip on spiders at Target in the Halloween section for a few dollars.

October 2013 604 copy

Since I was doing twenty-some-odd treats for the kids, I added one spider and five kisses to each one and simply folded down the tops of the bags. A single staple holds it all together! (Of course double stick tape would look better, but I don’t find seven year olds to be too terribly critical.)

October 2013 601 copy

Bugs & kisses, y’all! We’re off to TWO baseball tournament games and the GT game this weekend. GO TECH! THWG!

Bugs and Kisses Free Printable  |  Everything Halloween


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7 thoughts on “Bugs & Kisses Halloween Treat {Free Printable}

  1. Have your ears been burning!? Ha! I have been telling my husband I want a wood-sided house (he wants brick) so I can paint it the same colors as your house! Love!!

  2. Did you notice that a couple of pictures of your basement was featured on another one of my favorite blogs, the enchanted home? I knew it was yours right away!

  3. Thank you for these cute things too! I am making your Clemson game day pretzel snacks to take for our tailgating at the big game today! Love your blog!

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