Pumpkin Babies, Teacher’s Birthday + A Halloween Party

It’s been a crazy fun week around school!  For the baby’s class alone we had three different events.  The best by far was Pumpkin Babies!!!!  Along with a few other mom’s in the class, we painted baby pumpkins for the kids, dressed up in scrubs and then delivered them in a wagon to the class.






Each student was called up to receive their bundle of joy.  They were over the moon!!


After the birth, they had to take their baby pumpkins to stations to measure their height and check their weight.


They had already made beds for the babies, and brought in little books and blankets for them.



DSC_0073 copy

They stayed at school for a couple of days and were read to and cared for by their proud parents before coming home.  It was one of the cutest things I’ve seen!


Moving right along, it was also the teacher’s birthday week!!  She had professed her love of fruit and chocolate in the little questionairre I handed out at the beginning of the school year.  Each student brought in a handmade card and a piece of fruit or chocolate.  I simply stood at the door as they arrived and arranged them into a basket.  We sang Happy Birthday and presented her with her goodies.  Cute and easy!


And, last but not least, this morning was the Halloween Party!!  The teacher is SUPER organized and had arranged a ton of activities for them to rotate through.  We had a big group of parents helping and it was really so much fun.













Now I’ve got one more party to orchestrate for the fourth grade and then we are off to TWO Halloween parties, a baseball party, and TWO lacrosse games to round out our weekend!!

BOO, y’all!

PS. It was crazy hair and sock day, hence the baby’s new do.

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11 thoughts on “Pumpkin Babies, Teacher’s Birthday + A Halloween Party

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I simply LOVE the pumpkins. What a cute, cute, cute idea!!!! Wish my kiddies were still small enough for that sort of activity!! Have fun at all of your festivities and Happy Halloween!
    Julia from SC

  2. So fun!! I’m a room mom this year for my son’s K-3 class and have never done it before. Would you mind doing a post of how you organize your parties, get parents involved, etc? Any tips in general would be good! We have a Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas party and Grandparent’s Day coming up. Thank you!

  3. What a super fun week! I ADORE the idea of pumpkin babies – and I LOVE the crazy hair! :-) Happy Halloween!

  4. I love that Halloween learning parties are allowed again. When my daughters were in school they were taboo!

  5. What a darling idea with the baby pumpkins. Such a great experience for teaching.

    Love the activities…brought back memories of helping in my sons classrooms. Looks like your boys have great creative teachers like mine did.

    Enjoy these times with them…they go by so quickly.

  6. Hi!! I was checking out this post for ideas for this year, can you please tell me what grade you did this party for? Thank you!! :)

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